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AI for HR

AI for HR

AI! AI! You hear it everywhere these days: in your Twitter feed, emblazoned on HR tech companies’ trade show booths and probably in your last meeting.
What is AI? How will AI change the way HR functions? And how can your organization prepare for AI?

Relax. TalentCulture has you covered. Keep reading for our AI for HR 101. Want to learn more or share with your team? Download the handy AI for HR cheat sheet.

AI for HR

How can your organization prepare for AI?

Listen to Tim Griffiths: Is AI Ready for Us?

  • Why AI Is More than Just a Buzzword (9:14)
  • How Recruiting Organizations are Using AI Right Now (15:03)
  • Best Practices for AI Adoption (23:25)
  • The Modern Recruiter (34:08)
  • If We Touch Something Three Times, We Automate It (39:38)
AI for HR

How will AI change the way HR functions?

Listen to Ben Eubanks: How AI Will Change HR

  • Why Recruiting is Fertile Ground for AI (7:46)
  • How AI Can Make Coaching More Effective (10:43)
  • The Future of Retention (15:05)
  • Keeping Bias out of AI (16:20)
  • Misconceptions About AI (19:07)

More reading about AI and its impact on HR

Artificial intelligence has fast become an essential part of HR operations, but what does it mean for the future of HR? TalentCulture’s Meghan M. Biro breaks down how AI will fundamentally transform HR — and why ultimately the human in “human resources” will never go away.

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What should you know about AI and bias?

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Earlier this year, Microsoft dipped a toe into the Artificial Intelligence space with an AI-powered chatbot that it set loose on Twitter. …

More reading about how HR can prepare

AI’s introduction into the workforce brings about a new type of diversity. Here are 4 ways to prepare for the changes it will create.

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