#WorkTrends Preview: Negotiation 101: Never Split The Difference

Negotiation is an important skill for any professional. Career advancement often depends on negotiation, but most people are uncomfortable or unsure of their negotiating abilities.

During this #WorkTrends, former FBI Lead International Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss will help us explore and understand the art of negotiation. Come learn why saying, “you’re right” and “yes” are at the root of the vast majority of misunderstandings in the workplace today.

This exciting podcast and Twitter conversation will apply Chris Voss’ experience as a negotiator and author to the world of work. Do you want to know why “That’s right” is the gold standard of great responses? Come find out.

Negotiation 101: Never Split The Difference

#WorkTrends Logo DesignTune in to our LIVE online podcast Wednesday, July 27 — 1 pm ET / 10 am PT

Join TalentCulture #WorkTrends Host Meghan M. Biro and guest Chris Voss as they discuss the art of negotiation.

#WorkTrends on Twitter — Wednesday, July 27 — 1:30 pm ET / 10:30 am PT

Immediately following the podcast, the team invites the TalentCulture community over to the #WorkTrends Twitter stream to continue the discussion. We encourage everyone with a Twitter account to participate as we gather for a live chat, focused on these related questions:

Q1. In what ways are we negotiating in life every day? #WorkTrends (Tweet this question)

Q2. How can negotiation techniques best be used in the workplace? #WorkTrends (Tweet this question)

Q3. What are some other powerful phrases or techniques that can be used in negotiations? #WorkTrends (Tweet this question)

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