Putting A Stake in the Ground: Purpose+ Profit = Next Generation Business

Can you imagine what is possible now? There is no other time than now! Let’s go make it happen. What are you waiting for?

The Current Reality

A growing number of people and organizations are recognizing that another person’s best practices are often not applicable to their own situation. Guidance from others is vital, but we need to gain a greater integrated understanding of our own unique situations, goals, and purpose, and then implement new approaches that fit our own specific business needs and opportunities.

A Paradigm Shift is Available to Business Pioneers

We are on the edge of a genuinely new paradigm for business. There is an urgent need to shift from leading with organizational structure and technology to leading with greater purpose. Rational structure and evolving technologies are obviously important, but they are meant to serve the higher purpose of your business, not to dominate it. We can stop bringing with us old and tired ways of working that just keep shifting the deck chairs on a sinking ship.

Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you. Aldous Huxley

Our opportunity is not simply implement another business program or framework. It is far simpler, and yet much more challenging, than that. We need to adopt a 21st century mindset that drives our purpose and allows us to see opportunities where we bring people together to create something beautiful in the world of business. When people in an organization are connected to its deep purpose and know how to play their position, that’s when the profitability comes in. Are you ready to build the next generation business based on purpose + profit?

Feel free to contact me to talk about how we can make this happen in your organization … My new interactive workshop or keynote will help you and your team start exploring and navigating through these critical opportunities for creating your next generation business tailored for the 21st century:

  • What is your purpose?
  • What is the collective purpose of why you are in business?
  • Where is your edge?
  • How do you connect with the people—employees, customers, partners, vendors, communities—who care about what your business creates?
  • How does purpose + profit = the future of your business? What actions do you need to take? What mindsets do you need to embrace?

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The Future of Work: Awakening the Artist Within

More people will pick themselves in the 21st century. Choice is abundant and there is simply a multitude of opportunities and possibilities. That is the exciting new path for people in the human-to-human purpose and experience driven era.

Many will no longer wait to be picked for that job, promotion or project. An increasing number of people will start picking themselves and setting their own path as they see life as a daring adventure, where work is just one element of it. LIFEworking will be a way of life.

We will start asking ourselves, what’s my enough? And realizing that we want to set our own path and follow our own journey; not someone else’s story.

Over the next 25 years, people will choose to join organizations with shared purpose that value people. Purpose will become much more important to people than mission statements that hang on corporate walls. Trust, relationships and community will be the currencies that matter more in a world where people will choose to focus on business for good.

This journey has already begun with a wide range of organizations moving in the direction of being powered by purpose. Today, people are becoming much more conscious of the food they consume as more organizations tell us that the food they produce is poison free. Today’s packaging inform the consumer that their food does not contain harmful ingredients.

In the future, more people will question whether working for a certain company will damage their health and wellbeing, as well as whether the company’s practices are good for society and the planet.

Research has shown that the companies that do good in the world return more profits to their shareholders than their counterparts — those who do harm. Staying competitive in today’s socially conscious climate means more than having good products and being profitable.

Not only are people more likely to buy from brands that share their social values, they are willing to spend more on their products, are nearly twice as loyal and employees are more than 50% more engaged and nearly 20% more productive. As Gina Manis-Anderson of Savii Group tells us, “Turns out doing good is good for business.”

Innovation should never be a department. In today’s world, many organizations focus on innovation and yet do not have the systems to allow for true innovation which include experimentation that often leads to the failure that is associated with it.

In the future of work, we will make choices that sustain us and we will not be constrained by internal systems like incentive plans that restrict our ability to experiment and fail. Innovation will be exciting as it will be in the fabric of how we work and collaborate. With shared purpose, people will bring innovation to their day-to-day practices and have the freedom to create.

The artist needs freedom to create. And we are all artists, makers, creators and doers in business.

A call to action. Imagine what could happen if we no longer needed to fight for our lives and we simply lived fully and co-created the world we want to live in where business is a force of good? In the 21st century human-to-human era, anything and everything is possible as we have everything we need to create a healthy and humane world.

Imagine the possibilities, and find the people who want to co-create in living colors. We are waiting for you to join our journey to business common sense. It’s a conscious choice.

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#WorkTrends Preview: Forget Work-Life Balance & Start LIFEworking: Pick Yourself in the 21st Century

The TalentCulture #WorkTrends Show is all new on Wednesday, February 17, 2016, from 1-2 pm ET (10-11 am PT).

While we have been led to believe that we can separate our personal and work personas, we are only one person. We don’t need to have this separation and balancing act in our lives. For many, work has become how we define ourselves and why we need balance is because many of us no longer have a life outside of work.

We can buy into the work-life balance mythology or we can change the story and realize there is only life; no blending or integrating required. We need to become whole as people by figuring out what role work plays in our lives and our own relationship with money and power. Many people of all ages no longer want to live someone else’s stories and are picking themselves instead of waiting to be picked for a job or a promotion.  

LIFEworking is an approach that meshes life and work into an integrated existence, but most importantly, it is a way of living in which the individual and not the organization defines the meaning of success. To achieve LIFEworking, we need to first understand what success really means for us, and then systematically address the fears that stand in the way of change. These fears typically relate to personal anxiety and the social consequences of choice.

#WorkTrends Event: Forget Work-Life Balance & Start LIFEworking: Pick Yourself in the 21st Century

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