How Can Branding Help HR Leaders To Tap The Right Talent Pool?

Branding gives your organization the required visibility in the market. Traditionally, the concept of branding was limited for the all-round promotion of the corporate houses; however, with time every department of a company needs to be in the limelight for the right reasons to add to the growth of the business. Thus, marketing also takes into account the internal elements of the organization to carve a niche in the corporate world.

Talking about internal marketing, the HR Department needs to pep up their portfolio showcasing their accomplishments that will give them the leverage when it comes to obtaining, engaging and preserving talent. The HR experts need to build their credibility through the creation of a proper brand enticing the human resources. They are the interface between the organization and the talent pool hence to establish their variability, a sturdy branding is necessary.

Thus the HR leads can implement these five actions for the better future prospects:

  1. Focus on vital communities for better chances of hiring: The HR of most of the organizations are running the same rat race that includes visiting social media platforms and performing the same keyword searching to get the right candidate for their job. This does not make them proactive and they fail to stay ahead of their competitors. To make a real difference in the job market, the HR needs to be strategically sound.

The HR experts should concentrate more on the distinct groups to pick the right talent. With respect to the nature of the job they can consider communities like interns, customers, local institutions and universities, contractors, interns, and alumni to name a few. For instance, if you have a vacancy for the role of Vice President HR then you can appoint someone meeting the required level of competencies in your current workforce or he can be an efficient former employee or he can be someone outside the organization. You will resort to different ways depending on the job role and demand. This will take into account your strategic thinking. You need to set the target, spot the community and consider the efficacious ways to involve with the community.

  1. Nab the company advocates to be the brand promoters: There are people who are quite fascinated by the company and express their satisfaction with the companies’ product and services in the social media platforms. The HR can tap these people involved in promotion to write reviews and feedback in important platforms that will give the job seekers a fair idea about the company. It will be a source of positive publicity. Recruiters can make optimal utilization of these promotions facilitating their branding and marketing. You can tweak these loyal communities to increase the views and feedback on the Facebook page of the company.
  2. Employees are a category of your customer: You need to treat your employees as your customers by offering them what they are looking for. Every job seeker wants an easy and hassles free application process that gives value to their time. It will be better if the HR provides them with a user-friendly interface to keep their interest intact. The job aspirants are equivalent to your customers who if not treated well has the power to voice their opinion in various online platforms that can have a negative impact on the company. Hence, the nature of management of the recruitment process does matter.
  3. Work in association with the Marketing Department: While establishing the brand of the organization, the HR needs to work in close relation with the Marketing team. The Marketing professionals can help them with a proper brand awareness campaign designing their brochures, pamphlets, and print media advertisements. Making use of some sensational graphics they can attract the crowds to scan through the various job openings available within the organization. This adds the right punch to the external communication.
  4. Show the talent pool the consistency the brand maintains: There should not be much difference between how an employee perceives the organization prior to joining and after being on board. The employees should be made to feel a part of the business hence the need of the integration in talent platform. If an employee senses any mismatch then it will be hard for him or her to plan for long-term association with the organization. Therefore, there should be continuity, a common tone and feel across every interpersonal relationship within the organization.

Therefore, with ample job portals establishing a direct link between the employee and the organization, it is necessary that you being the HR should invest a considerable sum behind the branding of your own department to catalyze the recruitment process. This will ensure that you spot the right talent pool for the right positions existing in your organization.

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