Top Work Benefits From Business Phone System Innovation

As the world changes and becomes more connected, more digital, and more mobile, the working world must adapt in order to keep up with the changing times. The need for innovation and advancement is even more essential in 2015, and business phone systems are no exception.

Remote And Distance Workers

More and more employees today are giving up the office and opting for a more mobile approach to work. Whether they work as freelancers or employees who work remotely from home, many employers are finding this to be the new trend in employee hiring and work hours. Integrating these new and unique off-site workers involves a change in approach and mindset. At the heart of this new trend is the utilization of the cloud-based business system. When this technology is embraced and fully integrated to its full potential it will help to significantly boost a business’s productivity and work quality. With the use of cloud-based technology and remote workers it is now possible for managers to oversee employees and manage workloads, no matter where their workers may be.

Phone Systems For Conferencing Calls

One of the biggest issues facing many business owners today is the existence of an ever-widening skills gap between older, established employees and new blood coming into the business. Young workers may need training on the specific ins and outs of the business and older workers may need training in the new technology and tools used in day-to-day business operations. Cloud phone systems give employers and managers access to a variety of video and audio conferencing features. Whether the training needs to be simple audio direction or a visual tutorial, these conference calls and conferences can be held and attended anywhere, no matter where all of the employees may be located. There is no longer a need to fight with conflicting schedules, transportation, and location issues when it comes to setting up a conference meeting. Training materials can be prerecorded, handouts can be emailed, and some conference call systems even have options for white board interactions!  Training has never been easier!

Easy To Expand

Many small businesses hope to see continued growth this year. Only the best business phone systems offer nearly unlimited options and customization features that can be tailored to fit any business and any industry. Costs are generally much lower than what most traditional phone systems cost to maintain and upgrade as needed, which of course goes a long way in making it easier to grow. When a business can keep up with the market, grow as necessary, and not be tied down by technology limitations, the potential for profit is limited only by the company itself. Two of the growing trends in businesses across many markets and fields are a new focus on greater automation and greater personalization. This can be easily achieved with a modern phone system that includes conferencing options, data plans, and much more! A new and modern business phone platform can meet these needs and open the doors for continued growth.

Phone Systems And Automation

Many businesses are leaning toward a business phone operating system that can be automated. From taking calls, channeling callers to the right departments, managing wait times, taking messages, and assisting customers, there are many areas where an automated system can help save time and streamline the communication process. The system many business owners are looking for is one that can also track and record calls so a record is generated; this can be helpful to highlight problem areas and to pinpoint areas that need additional work and assistance for customers. Other automated features that many businesses seem to be looking for in their phone systems include an automatic callback feature to reach out to customers to check on their satisfaction and the quality of the service they received with their call.

Personalization Is Enhanced

Phone systems are growing in popularity as well as in the services that they can offer. These services can help businesses manage their workers and teams more efficiently, help them know their customers better, encourage better communication, monitor team interactions, promoting a closer relationship between team members, and encouraging an overall better business platform. These phone systems can go a long way in helping any business be better poised to take full advantage of everything 2015 has to offer.

As the business world begins to adapt in order to keep up with the changing times and new technological advances, there are many wonderful benefits that can be gained from a business phone system that is automated and innovated. The need for innovation and advancement will be paramount if any business hopes to take full advantage of 2015.

About the Author: Sheza Gary has been a project strategist since 2009 and also involved in the launching of startups and tech companies in New York for over five years.

photo credit: Nokia E6 Business Phone India Launch via photopin (license)