#WorkTrends Recap: Creating the HR Function of the Future

Kevin Grossman, President of The Talent Board and the CandE Awards, and I became acquainted when Twitter was in its infancy and soon after we co-hosted a little podcast together called, #TChat. Over the years we have seen many changes, … Read more

#WorkTrends Preview: Creating the HR Function of the Future

I am so happy to have Kevin Grossman as our guest today on #WorkTrends to talk about a topic that is becoming increasingly prominent in the human resources world: technology.

Technology is pervading all parts of our lives today. Whether … Read more

Recruitment Marketing: Understanding and Maximizing the Candidate Journey

Technology plays a big role in the process of talent recruitment for today’s recruiters. Forward-thinking HR pros understand that success with talent acquisition today is all about understanding and maximizing the candidate journey. This requires a focus on developing marketing … Read more