4 Myths That Can Make Or Ruin A Career Choice

Many of you would have recently graduated from your studies and have started looking for a job. You have been told from some sources that there is an increase demand of MBAs in the market as compared to your degree in hand. You get upset, but then decide to go for MBA.

While you were half way through the MBA degree, one of the prestigious organizations calls you for an interview and selects you on the basis of your acquired degree. What will you do? Will you leave MBA incomplete? What about the rumor of increased demand of MBAs? May be you could had seen the market with your own eyes rather relying on the rumors.

Most of us have had the same story soon after graduation. There are number of myths, rumors circulating in the job market and invade fresh graduates as soon as they move out of their school. Organizations looking for experienced workforce should focus on the fact that unless fresh graduates are given a chance to work, they can’t gain the required experience.

There are few myths which can either help you in getting a job fit, and can even ruin your career choice:-

Job Fairs

Only Job fairs can determine your careers hunt; No- Count on your own abilities as well:-

Many schools organize job fairs for graduates to look for the dream place to work. It is also beneficial for organizations to search for competent applicant from a single pool.  However job fairs are not the sole place to look for a job, fresh graduates need to meet up different people, walk in to organizations, market and present them. There is a need to opt for as many options as possible.

Still don’t take Job Fairs Casual; Prepare yourself and market better:-

Keeping the first point in mind, candidates are required to market them at the best during job fairs. Make it clear that companies don’t make offers during job fairs; rather they create a database for competent applicants so they could be hired when required.

Just drop your Resume in the organization:

Yes, definitely dropping your resume is the key, but if you take a step forward and meet people within the organization, it will definitely have more impact. Sometime face to face interaction leads to better opportunities.

There is no use of keeping a track of your Resume: Wrong assumption!

If you drop your resume, keep a track of all happenings within the organization. Chances are your resume may be lost in the databank and any new entrant may get a chance to be exposed. So stay alert.

Not only the graduates need to get into job market, organizations also need fresh blood in their system. It is for the mutual benefits of both job seekers and job holder that they join hands and get positive results.

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