Care & Feeding of Social Communities: #TChat Recap

Ex-change /iks’CHanj/

Verb: The act of giving one thing and receiving another (esp. of the same type or value) in return.

Give to get. It is a concept as old as civilization. And it is a dynamic that lives at the core of every successful community — large or small, business or otherwise.

It is also the principle that brought together the TalentCulture World of Work tribe last night, as we gathered around the #TChat table to share ideas and experiences about the essential elements that make brand and talent communities work.

During a single hour of speed sharing, nearly 400 contributors exchanged 2,900 #TChat tweets — which in turn generated 17.3 million impressions across the Twitter universe. Now that’s proof of social media’s power to enable community engagement and outreach! (To see highlights from the session, scroll through the Storify slideshow below.)

Of course, as many in the community know, #TChat’s gravitational pull doesn’t stop on Wednesday nights. It continues throughout each week, as contributors apply the #TChat hashtag to ad-hoc posts and informal discussion threads.

It may seem like a small thing, but those cumulative posts add up! In fact, on HRMarketer’s latest list of top 100 hr-related Twitter hashtags. #TChat actually ranks #2 — behind only #HR itself.

Community: “What’s In It For Me?”

Hashtags aren’t communities, of course. They’re only evidence that a strong social community exists, and that begs the question: What do smart, talent-minded professionals receive in return for their contributions each Wednesday — and throughout the week? Several participants offered their feedback last night:

“Has anyone coined the expression “Crowd-Learning”? Because that’s what it feels like being on this chat!” @bcoelho2000

“I’m new to community management, reading you guys chat and discuss and going to your links is really helping me — thank you all.” @JuFriendlyChat

Last night was indeed a master class in social communities — focused on how successful communities begin, and how to best nurture them over time. In particular, these issues sparked strong interaction:

  • Do the strongest communities generate spontaneously and grow organically?
  • Under what circumstances do “manufactured” communities work, if ever?
  • Regardless of a community’s source, what is required to sustain a cohesive agenda and a sense of momentum?

Community: Postcards From the Edge

Because many #TChat participants are involved in talent or brand communities, this topic tends to spark debate and deep conviction. Best practices are a work-in-progress, but #TChat-ters are leading the way. Consider this taste of eloquent ideas, plucked from yesterday’s stream…

“Social media is NOT Community. It’s communication.” @Historian

“It’s hard to build a relationship with a corporation. Community managers humanize.” @joetatulli

“Community Manager is the connector, conversation starter, information resource, listener, marketer, moderator, promoter, salesman.” @TimJBarry

“Leaders hear this: Community Managers have the power to guide, inform, teach, and inspire. MAJOR ROI for brands.” @jocelynaucoin

“Individuals may cause the movement, but the community sustains the momentum.” @ValaAfshar

“Too much control on a community becomes a cult – no organic development – no change.” @IncentIntel

“We can learn a lot from cmtys of practice experience: nurture rather than manufacture; light touch-not control.” @4km

Want to learn more? For complete insights from the discussion stream, see the highlight slideshow at the end of this post.

SPECIAL THANKS are in order for our guest moderator this week, Tim McDonald (@tamcdonald), community manager at HuffPost Live, founder of My Community Manager, and co-organizer of #cmgrUN. The breadth of Tim’s knowledge and expertise brought wonderful depth and dimension to this week’s discussion.

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Highlights  & What’s Ahead on #TChat

Did you miss the #TChat preview? Go here. Are you looking for the highlights slideshow? Keep scrolling to the end of this post.

NOTE: If you’re a blogger, and this #TChat session inspired you to write about social communities, we’re happy to share your thoughts with others! Just post a link on Twitter (at #TChat or @TalentCulture), or insert a comment below, and we’ll add it to our archives. There are many voices in the #TChat community — with many ideas worthy of sharing. So let’s capture as many of them as possible!

We hope you’ll join us next Wednesday at 7pmET/4pmPT for another #TChat. We continue our focus on communities, as we discuss technologies that enable community development and management. Look for the preview early next week via @TalentCulture and #TChat. Enjoy your weekend!

Image Credit: “Hands,” courtesy of Marco Michelini

#TChat INSIGHTS Slide Show: Social Communities by Sean Charles (@SocialMediaSean)
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#TChat INSIGHTS: The Sound of a Talent Community

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#SoLike it’s a “T” for #TChat. #Duh
Q1: What is the connection between a social community and a company’s brand? #tchatTim McDonald
A1. community managers do more than just marketing efforts- they are the personality, customer service, and conversationalists #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
#tchat A1 It’s about having an audience interested in what you have to say and you can actually LISTEN to their needs and desires!Bruno Coelho
A1: Opposite of brand amplification is possible, too: silence. Plus, amplification isn’t always good. Cultivate. #TChatBrent Skinner
A1. The Social Community is the face of your brand to many people who are not on TV, Radio, Billboards #tchatRob Garcia
a1. The community manager is the master of real-time brand engagement with cyberspace. #tchatMichael Clark
A1 A community is the people behind the brand; engaging, learning, sharing, on behalf of … #TChatClaire Crossley
A1: Someone said it’s an intersection. Yes, that’s so true. The connection is the impact: brand amplification. #tchatBrent Skinner
a1. Community managers have to fearless in the flurry of energy and information coming customers. #tchatMichael Clark
A1: Social community = brand accountability squad #TChatLaTonya Wilkins
A1: The social community would seem to be crafted from unstructured parts in order to mold it to the company brand. Loyalty is earned #TChatTom Bolt
A1. community managers do more than just marketing efforts- they are the personality, customer service, and conversationalists #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
#TChat A1 – To engage the community, the brand needs to engage in convo’s, not be one sided. This will equal success & add valueMichael!
A1) The connection is only as strong as the effort the org puts into the community. More attention & care = stronger connection #tchatCate Conroy
A1. Social communities are leverages, and have an influence on the company. At best, it should be a trust connection #TChatLilian Mahoukou
A1: It’s about the communication between the company and the stakeholders. #tchatRob McGahen
A1: Social community is about connection, interaction, shared values – not corporate messaging. #tchatAlli Polin
A1 Community can form a new brand, change an old brand, or destroy any brand #tchatPaul Hebert
A1. The social community is like the company brand’s president & chief, it has powers to enact and veto the value of the brand #tchatSalima Nathoo
A1: The connection is the behavior…people executing on brand promise. #tchatBill Cushard
A1 The community can be a source of nutrients to grow the brand #TChatAlice MacGillivray
A1 – A social community is a ‘tribe’ of shared interest around a brand #TchatLeAnna J. Carey
A1: The brand is alive through its community members #tchatJen Olney
A1: I would hope that the social community is a dialog, not one way. #TChatTom Bolt
a1. The strength of the connection determines the quality of an organization’s life. #tchatMichael Clark
A1. Companies & industry that rely on community engagement must leverage society’s social networks to maintain relevancy. #tchatChris Fields
A1) It’s simple customer service. By respecting and listening to the online community the business can learn and build evangilists. #tchatAmy Gaerlan
A1 #Tchat The connection between a Brand and its Social Community is that you ARE who your followers ARE AND reputations are now built on itALEX BOTTOM
A1: The Internet <- how's that for seemingly glib, but actually not? #tchatBrent Skinner
A1: A business’ online community exemplifys the brand’s ethos through their engagement. #tchatSam Fiorella
A1 social community is both listening post and divining rod for the company #tchatKeith Punches
A1 it is so important and essential to a community’s success #TChateSkill
#tchat A1: the social community represents the brand without boarders- for good or bad it speaks out #organicMegan Rene Burkett
A1: If brand is a promise, then it is the promise delivered to the community, consistently, openly, and interactively. #TChatJon M
A1 Community is required to be a brand – a brand without community is a just a brochure #tchatPaul Hebert
A1. social community speaks to the customers/fans… not at them… it creates communication and, ultimately, engagement #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
a1. No community manager, no connection, no brand, no organization. #tchatMichael Clark
A1) The social community can become ambassadors, evangelists and your marketing force. How effective that is depends having a #cmgr #tchatTim McDonald
#tchat A1 It’s about having an audience interested in what you have to say and you can actually LISTEN to their needs and desires!Bruno Coelho
A1. social community creates a way to communicate, define, and clarify a brand to their “fans” #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
a1. Now demands high-speed, high definition, instant real-time connections. #tchatMichael Clark
A1: The social community ideally is an extension of the brand. Brings powerful energy & hopefully synergy #tchatAlli Polin
A1: The community symbolizes the bond with the brand #tchatJen Olney
A1: It isn’t a connection. It is an intersection of brand & social community – the meeting place. #TChatJon M
A1 A social community is (can be) the mirror of the brand but a mirror that influences how the brand is seen ~ #tchatCASUDI
a1. The better the connection, the more successful the organization. #tchatMichael Clark
A1 Community is the mirror of the brand #tchatPaul Hebert
A1: A company’s community SHOULD PERSONIFY its brand! #tchatSam Fiorella
Q2: What is the role of “community manager” and what’s the future of this role look like? #tchatTim McDonald
A2: TO communicate brand values through creating & curating content that is relent to community #TChatSean Charles
#tchat A2: future- a model demonstrating the ROI of a community manager ahhMegan Rene Burkett
A2: The community manager’s primary role is to be the hub, the #leader of the band. Be the gravity. #tchatBrent Skinner
A2 is it pragmatic to have one person be the CM or spread the role out…w/n the community? #tchatKeith Punches
A2 Internal / External messages must mesh or brand is not consistent across all media. #TChatTom Bolt
A2 Community Manager is the connector, conversation starter, information resource, listener, marketer, moderator, promoter, salesman #tchatTim Barry
A2: How do you manage an organic thing? That’s the dilemma. You gotta define the role, though; otherwise, mayhem. #tchatBrent Skinner
A2: Internal com sooo important. Not casting stones but I can reach one company over #SoMe before I can get answer from tech 800 line #TChatTom Bolt
A2 Community Managers are real people, building real relationships with other real people who want to interact with the brand. #TChatJoseph Tatulli
A2. The community & the company may go into diff maturity stages. The community manager facilitates the growth of the relationship #TChatLilian Mahoukou
A2 – CM are sails in the wind – adjusting and using the community to get where they need to go… #tchatPaul Hebert
A2: Th
e future is bright for the #cmgr. Conversation is shifting from do we need to which one do we need #TChatSean Charles
A2. customers/fans are savvy and smart. community managers better have conviction or they’ll see right through it #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
A2. The role of the community manager is to help the company and the community achieving their top goals, in the long run #TChatLilian Mahoukou
A2 Seems to be quite a lot of responsibility – #TChatMarla Gottschalk PhD
A2 hearing aid #tchatKeith Punches
A2) Community management is about knowing not only the voice of the company but the voice of the customer. Among other things! #tchatAmy Gaerlan
a2. Community managers communicate the thoughts and emotions of the brand. #tchatMichael Clark
A2 Comm Managers should have a direct relation to how messages are shared (words & format) which is key for audiences #TChatClaire Crossley
A2 – community managers can be the “glue” to pull people together culturally and to launch and nuture SoMe campaigns #tchatRichard S Pearson
A2: Most value is in the conversation not the content. #cmgr responsible to moderate & encourage #TChatSean Charles
A2 – CM needs to be both strategic and tactical – separate signal from noise #tchatPaul Hebert
A2 #Tchat The Community Manager validates thoughts & every employee is a Brand Ambassador while aggregating all relevant quality informationNEOGOV
A2. a CM’s role is to get people pumped up to the point where they also want to pass on the positive message about your company/brand #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
#tchat A2: my prediction- community manager will soon be an academic major!!Megan Rene Burkett
A2: Still thinking about what it *is*; in the meantime, a community manager’s role *is not* to be a dictator. #tchatBrent Skinner
A2 Community manager = grand parents…respected by community, lived by the young…they are everything to everyone. #tchatEnzo Guardino
A2: Community managers will move in the future to the forefront of customer service and sales #tchatJen Olney
A2 – the goal of a community manager is to create the feeling of “user driven” that creates more value for a co. #TChatLeAnna J. Carey
#tchat A2 A community manager sets the example of what the brand really stands for and why should people care about it!Bruno Coelho
A2. Community managers are the finger on & the pulse of a brand and curate how it breathes in open social waters. #tchatSalima Nathoo
#TChat A2 Community Manager facilitates the brand’s conversation. Directs and guides but does not own it.Philip Turnbull
A2 CM need to be looking for new ways to engage – can’t just use yesterday’s tools #tchatPaul Hebert
#tchat A2: someone who connects and identifies with the brands industry an culture- a conversationalist- A LiStEnErMegan Rene Burkett
A2: #cmgr Celebrates the community and its members #TChatSean Charles
A2. A community manager will be a brand’s spokesperson, your customer service lead. Cheerleader & Problem-Solver #tchatGarick Chan
A2. it’s not just about being strategic in marketing efforts, its about knowing HOW to speak to your audience to make it successful #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
a2. In the future, every employee will be a 24/7, 365 brand ambassador and community manager. #tchatMichael Clark
A2: role of “community manager” is a moving target, so keeping up is critical – as Yoda says: “Always in motion the future it is.” #TChatSylvia Dahlby
A2: Customer service watch dog! #TChatSean Charles
My bold projection: A2) In the future, most employees will be community managers. THE community manager will report to the CEO. #tchatTim McDonald
A2: Community managers are facilitators of conversation, community engagement and they are the face of brand to community #tchatJen Olney
A2: New term – Brand Facilitator. No negotiating (un-ambassador). Just listening, exchanging, acting, giving, building. #TChatJon M
A2 First and foremost, a community manager is a connector. #tchatJoe Sanchez
A2 Community Managers can have roles both internal or external to Brand & are Key Champions to bridging both/all #TChatClaire Crossley
A2. Community Manager should own the publications and communications pieces. They will champion org social identity and engagement #tchatChris Fields
“@samfiorella: A2: Community Mngrs will move beyond- coordinating content/people/ideas across organization. #tchat” conceptualizeMegan Rene Burkett
A2. community managers have to stay passionate for the company/brand for the greater good, no matter what. #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
a2. Due to connection, engagement, reach, speed, community managers may be the most powerful people in the organization. #tchatMichael Clark
A2: To facilitate & spark conversation with current & future members of the community #TChatSean Charles
A2) The community manager is the voice of the brand, and I think soon every role in an org will have a lil’ community manager in it! #tchatCate Conroy
A2 Future = increasingly important as we head into the Age of the social #tchatCASUDI
A2: Community Manager is the future, must have his/her hand on the pulse and understand the trends. #TChatRobert Rojo
A2: Community Manager is an ambassador, a missionary, a visionary. #TChatTom Bolt
A2 It’s going to evolve – a little qualitative research perhaps? #TChatMarla Gottschalk PhD
A2 The community leader is the glue that holds it all together & the catalyst that helps it grow. #tchatCASUDI
A2 a manager of single-family home subdivisions, townhouses, or mixed-use development (but all on-line ;-) #tchatKeith Punches managers’ roles are to keep customers “in-the-know” in real time. Works with with our instant gratification expectations #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
#tchat A2 The community manager must always remember that the reason he exists is because of each and every member of the tribe!Bruno Coelho
A2 Community managers are the eyes and ears – need to be watching and directing appropriate responses #tchatPaul Hebert
A2: The community manager is the brand ambassador – engaging people & ideas #tchatAlli Polin
A2) The #cmgr is teh conduit for communication between the brand and the community and back again #tchatMuse Seymour
a2. Community managers establish organizational presence and tone in cyberspace. #tchatMichael Clark
A2: “community manager” morphed from brand manager + marketing concept and will probably evolve further in the future. #TChatTom Bolt
#tchat A2 He also must realize that leadership isn’t something you do TO people but WITH them! It’s a shared fulfillment journey!Bruno Coelho
A2: Community manager’s role is facilitator, listener, and the future looks extremely bright! #TChatJon M
A2 CM Teach others about how they can participate in the community #tchatPaul Hebert
a2. Community managers build bridges between the inside and outside of organizations. #tchatMichael Clark
A2: Community Mngrs will move beyond social engagement to coordinating content/people/ideas across organization. #tchatSam Fiorella
A2) The role of the community manager is the voice of the brand to the community and voice of the community to the brand. #cmgr #tchatTim McDonald
a2 the role is bleak and lack of jobs and HR doesnt understand the role and hire kids under 25 #tchatMichael Hahn
Q3: Why do leaders, companies need social brand ambassadors, community managers? #tchatTim McDonald
a3. Your brand’s story is being written every moment. #tchatMichael Clark
a3. Content creates conversation creates connection c
reates customer. #tchatMichael Clark
Yes @MRGottschalk A3 The customer cannot read your mind share the knowledge and empower the engagement #TChatJohn Kosic
A3 Effective social cmtys are critical to helping brands learn and adapt & therefore, be relevant. #tchatJoe Sanchez
A3 Not a luxury to know your customer base. #TChatMarla Gottschalk PhD
A3 Bottom line – information is always power. #TChatMarla Gottschalk PhD
A3: Plus there is usually some bureaucracy or element of separation btw the user and the org. Commty Mgrs are the face of brand. #tchatChristina Brown
A3 I would think you engage where you “find them”, then build the relationship from there. #TChatMarla Gottschalk PhD
A3: it’s a skill/capability unto itself – everyone can and should play up thri CEO but that doesn’t mean they can own it. #tchatSusan Mazza
A3 large and disconnected worthless small and connected priceless #tchatJohn Kosic
A3: Leaders & strong org brands have disciples. Inspire them by welcoming community. #tchatBrent Skinner
A3 Branding is a beautiful thing that can hold you to a standard of integrity in the community. #tchatWeston Jolly
A3. #cmgrs create the same feeling you get as when you finally get a cust.serv rep after screaming “rep!!!!” 100x in automated system #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
A3 #Tchat The reason for Brand Ambassadors is simple 1 person pushing out all company info does not have the capacity to be omnipresent.HR Cloud
A3 Modernization has made the community manager a necessity like an engine needs oil to stop friction.#tchatEnzo Guardino
A3: to successfully, cost-effectively grow the business – much cheaper than traditional marketing & it’s sticky + immediate feedback #tchatRichard S Pearson
A3. with so many things being annoyingly automated these days, its nice to talk to a human- #cmgrs = human aspect of business #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
a3. Community managers are responsible for one of the most important elements, real-time engagement with the customer. #tchatMichael Clark
A3: Brand Ambassadors bring big value to brand by using their social equity to increase awareness #TChatSean Charles
A3 3 Reasons: ur customers have gone social, ur customers r talkin’bout u on #socialmedia, ur customers expect u to engage via social #tchatRob Garcia
A3: But you eventually want your users to be little social brand ambassadors as well. Make them leaders. #tchatChristina Brown
A3: ‘Cuz trying 2 go it alone’s insanity. Orgs building brand in social communities need community, by def. #TChatBrent Skinner
A3: Because building relationships and gathering feedback is more than a full-time job, as is managing reputation and presence. #TchatTranscend Coaching
a3. Customers live in the moment now more than ever, organizations must engage in the present. #tchatMichael Clark
A3: Because social is the future (and present). It’s best to engage it rather than ignore it. #tchatRob McGahen
A3) You can decide to welcome your community, or they will form without your guidance. Strategy is also more effective. #tchatTim McDonald
A3. i’d rather go for a co that communicates w me & makes me feel appreciated than talk to an email blast with no communication/cmgr #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
A3: CM have their ear to the ground & in the trenches to hear what the word on street is so to speak – leaders implement the feedback #tchatJen Olney
A3: Community Managers humanizes and understands the brand. They know what users and orgs need to thrive. #tchatChristina Brown
#tchat a3: social demands interaction- listening, caring, thinking, and a continual feedback loopMegan Rene Burkett
A3 Key for engaging (int & ext) to understand how others see Brand, which may be different from how you see it, find out #TChatClaire Crossley
A3: We’re in business for a reason > people! Community Mgrs focus on relationship btwn the two #tchatAlli Polin
A3 – Ambassadors create a broad base that shows fulfillment of the brand promise #TChatLeAnna J. Carey
A3. Because #tchat…that’s it…becauseChris Fields
A3. Absence of brand managers, ambassadors, curators is russian roulette. Slim chance public will get it/share it right, unattended. #tchatSalima Nathoo
A3 Leaders need more data points than just what the yes-men say – need community input – Emperor’s New Clothes #tchatPaul Hebert
A3. Because, at the end of the day, an engaged community will have a positive impact on economic metrics #TChatLilian Mahoukou
A3) People want to talk to a person – not a wall or a logo. A little engagement can create a brand evangelist out of a customer. #tchatAmy Gaerlan
A3: Social media is just as important to monitor as email-you get questions and opinions from prospects, customers, candidates, etc.
A3) Your community talks about you. Up to you if you want to listen. Power comes to those who listen. #tchatTim McDonald
A3) The ability to find & adapt to new platforms is critical for businesses to connect with others. #Cmgrs make that happen! #tchatCate Conroy
a3. No matter how deep we go into tech, it’s always going to be about the people behind the device. #tchatMichael Clark
A3: Every ship must have a captain that tests the wind, charts a new course and sets the sails. #TChatTom Bolt
A3 Without them you miss an astounding amount of information – #TChatMarla Gottschalk PhD
#tchat A3 When your social ambassador isn’t an employee but a customer who became a raving fan – your Brand wins!Bruno Coelho
A3 – re: Why do leaders, companies need social brand ambassadors, community managers? uh because it’s there? #TChatSylvia Dahlby
A3: Simplistic, but if nobody is in charge, nothing will get done according to plan. #TChatTom Bolt
A3 Leaders should BE community managers too… can’t outsource it IMO #tchatPaul Hebert
A3: they serve as interpreters. #tchatEdgar Diaz
Q4: Can you manufacture online communities, or are they best left to develop organically? #tchatTim McDonald
a4. Organic community building creates energetic connections with a brand. #tchatMichael Clark
#tchat A4 Being at the top of the Empire State building shouting to the crowd that can’t hear you + doesn’t care = buying a communityBruno Coelho
A4: Isn’t part of the benefit of online community to authentically learn customer preferences & feedback? How do U manufacture that? #TChatNancy Barry-Jansson
A4 #Tchat Developing a community takes dedication which is manufactured social amplifies who u are & when u engage they respond organicallyNEOGOV
a4. The biggest challenges of the Social Revolution are releasing control and trusting the employee and customer. #tchatMichael Clark
A4 You have to “spark that movement”… #TChatMarla Gottschalk PhD
A4: it cannot be forced. Facebook works because its ‘cool’ w/ still an element of exclusivity despite 1B users. People want to belong #TChatmatthew papuchis
A4 A little “tinder” (right word?) can’t hurt. #TChatMarla Gottschalk PhD
a4. You can’t have organic and command and control at the same time. #tchatMichael Clark
A4: Community is built by people who share a passion for the same thing – just need to find each other #tchatAlli Polin
A4 Artificial communities divert and die off. Organic, like roots, they divert and spread out, too, but for the good of the tree. #tchatEnzo Guardino
A4 And yet I sometimes have ppl ask for advice such as “My VP wants 2 communities created this quarter; how do I do it?” #tchatAlice MacGillivray
a4. Organic implies care, quality, connection. #tchatMichael Clark
A4.i promote #tchat b
ecause i love the topics, contributions, and am passionate about what i learn from it. i get excited to share it #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
A4: need to at least create the platform that allows it to happen. Can still be organically grown but people need a place to go 1st #TChatmatthew papuchis
A4. Online communities need to start with a leader or group of individuals but need to be cultivated and open. #tchatTerri Klass
A4 Same method as “managing up”. Let them think it’s their idea. May the force be with you. #tchatKeith Punches
a4. People are the organic part to communities. #tchatMichael Clark
A4: Building community takes patience & a strategic plan of action that supports organic growth #TChatSean Charles
A4: U *have* 2 manufacture, at some point. Identify spontaneous flashpoint; build from there, thru authenticity. #tchatBrent Skinner
A4. you can promote, but don’t promote for sake of promoting. it has to be a passion you want to share #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
A4) You can pay for “likes” on facebook (manufactured), but you can’t get them to give a shit about what you’re saying (nurtured) #tchatMuse Seymour
A4 The best communities are organic, but nothing stopping a company from joining and guiding. #tchatDavid DeWald
A4. If you make me choose between organic communities and GMO ones… guess which one I’ll engage with… #Tchat #social #hippieRob Garcia
a4: It’s like when the boss lets go of the agenda and turns it over to the team to talk about what’s on their mind #tchatAlli Polin
a4. We want the community to take ownership of our brands. #tchatMichael Clark
A4. Organically, with some triggers (crafted from the listening activity) for stimulating the community growth #TChatLilian Mahoukou
A4. A little bit of both, you need people t spark interest/spread the word but then let those interested organically build it #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
A4: Define organic development of a community. At some point, doesn’t *somebody* decide they want to nurture it? #tchatBrent Skinner
A4: Communities form organically, but you can catalyze the conversation, and provide a platform that engages. #TchatTranscend Coaching
A4: Sometimes online communities sprout on their own w/o the leadership of an org. Some are social mov’ts. #tchatChristina Brown
a4. Organizations till soil and plant seeds to create communities, customers add water and light. #tchatMichael Clark
A4. Manufactured communities die down quickly (unless u have an endless budget). Communities can only be nurtured to grow organically #TchatRob Garcia
A4: Once the seed of the community is planted, organic growth is possible. #tchatAlli Polin
A4 Organic makes it relevant – and what we want – and what our audience wants is relevance #tchatPaul Hebert
A4. Organically formed online communities seem more vibrant and dynamic. #tchatTerri Klass
A4 Contests and Fun content/interactions I think can go along way. Brands with strong loyalty can skip that part #tchatShawn LaCroix
A4. Manufacture – cookie cutter community, no. But you can cultivate community through shared values & sharing value. #tchatSalima Nathoo
#tchat A4: manufacturing communities is a no go- find a raving fan and interview them for the comm mgr- they are in. #organicMegan Rene Burkett
A4: You can’t fake it on social media, so organic is best – but a good community manager knows how to move things along.
A4) There is no such thing as a “manufactured” community. You can nurture a community to develop organically much faster. #tchatTim McDonald
A4 Facilitate & enable online brand cmtys but recognize that there will also be *passion* cmtys that develop on their own. #tchatJoe Sanchez
#TChat – A4 I think the most “authentic” online communities happen organically, however w/some “fertilizer” from the brand to help it along!Michael!
A4 We can learn a lot from communities of practice experience: nurture rather than manufacture; light touch-not control #TchatAlice MacGillivray
A4: You can set up the framework, but the people drive the rest. #tchatRob McGahen
A4 After reading about rebirth of Hush Puppies in the “Tipping Point”, always felt you can help something ignite. CM can do this. #TChatMarla Gottschalk PhD
A4: Like corporations, online communities are people, my friend. So no. #tchatChristina Brown
A4: Organically. But you have to build the foundation first. #tchatJen Olney
A4: Yes, but only through authenticity, having brand disciples already, & having a GREAT community manager. #tchatBrent Skinner
A4. I believe that if you take 15 viral marketers & get them to manage about 8-10 accts each, you can create “truth” on the Internet #tchatGarick Chan
A4 Too much control on a community becomes a cult – no organic development – no change #tchatPaul Hebert
A4) I think there has to be some amount of it grown organically. You can’t force community, but you can try and bring people together #tchatMuse Seymour
#tchat A4 You can’t buy people! It’s not about the number of follower but the number of engagements!Bruno Coelho
#Tchat A4: you lay foundations and then nurture organic growthRussell Klosk
A4 You may need to “seed” the community – then let it grow. #tchatPaul Hebert
Q5: What are the pros & cons social communities as an extension of orgs’ talent attraction, recruiting programs? #tchatTim McDonald
A5 if you ensure that empls (not just commty mgr) are active in community then it will replicate the culture of the comp ensuring fit #tchatTim Barry
A5: It’s good work, if you can get it? But seriously, I see mostly pros. Who’s with me? #tchatBrent Skinner
a5. Get over it! The bus is rolling, you better board now or your organization’s going to be forced to walk in a high-speed world. #tchatMichael Clark
a5. So, you want to block employees from social media and attract the best talent? Good luck with that. #tchatMichael Clark
A5 Pros > Cheap, fast and global. Cons > Apply a lot of filtering to find the cream amongst all the sour milk. #tchatEnzo Guardino
Commty values may not match comp’s MRT @AlliPolin A5: need 2 create commty pple want 2 be a part of or they won’t want to work there #tchatTim Barry
A5. Pro / A great way to humanize the talent brand and facilitate connections between potential candidates and employees #TChatLilian Mahoukou
a5. First get your head-heart-body collaborating, then go be social with others. #tchatMichael Clark
A5: Companies that ban their employees from Social Media but want a thriving community miss the mark #tchatAlli Polin
a5. Leaders, get out from behind your oversize desks, face your fears of being social with employees and customers. #tchatMichael Clark
A5 Not the job of one internal person or team to build the brand, all voices matter & keep it real #tchatAlli Polin
A5: Some voices are more valuabe outside than inside. Know the difference. #tchatMarcio Saito
A5: I don’t think orgs do enough online substainable recruitment. #tchatChristina Brown
A5. Employees should be well-informed about the talent attraction efforts. So, communication’s essential to avoid asymetries #TChatLilian Mahoukou
A5. Pro-can continue to develop your brand; con-can end up being less inclusive unless it is continually welcoming #tchatTerri Klass
A5/ hire community managers that understand what the co is looking for in talent so they can keep an eye out for rockstars #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
A5 Pros: Social cmtys, as an extension of orgs’ talent attraction & recruiting programs, can project authenticit
y & credibility. #tchatJoe Sanchez
A5 I’m forever hopeful that the info presented is authentic. #TChatMarla Gottschalk PhD
a5. Leaders, you better wake-up quick because the world is leaving your organization behind in the cyber-dust. #tchatMichael Clark
A5: Pro – you attract and retain great talent – Con – if it is not monitored, you have a bad brand moment #tchatJen Olney
A5 first and foremost, if u dont have a comprehensive workforce planning and recruiting strategy, talent comms will just create noise #tchatSteve
A5: Org will grow stagnant if there is no diversity of thought. Diverse minds moving together will knit success #TChatTom Bolt
A5) Con – building a social community to promote a brand rather than actively engaging people. #missedthepoint #alienation #tchatAmanda Sterling
A5: Allows candidates to get to know the employer brand & vice versa. Helps filter talent effectively #TChatSean Charles
A5) Only con (which can be overcome) is confidentiality. #tchatTim McDonald
A5. #cmgrs can tell people why it’s a great place to work… but then you have those disgruntled workers that can ruin the brand #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
A5: PRO: People are engaged! CON: They get hired and they feel duped b/c culture doesn’t match community #tchatAlli Polin
A5 Adds to the realistic job (organizational) preview. More info = better matches. #TChatMarla Gottschalk PhD
A5: don’t want brand to be watered down. Want to be inclusive but also want to create a sense of connectedness based on authenticity #TChatmatthew papuchis
a5. The best place to connect with top talent is SoMe. #tchatMichael Clark
A5 – it broadens your recruiting reach – it gives recruits a “taste” of company culture to determine it they “fit” #tchatRichard S Pearson
A5) Now think if you community becomes your recruiting arm in addition to marketing, customer service and sales arm? #tchatTim McDonald
A5: one big plus of social communities as extension of recruiting is improved hiring for cultural fit #TChatSylvia Dahlby
A5: Pros-engagement of that talent! Cons-do it poorly is worse than not at all. #tchatRob McGahen
#TChat A5 con, lack of message control pro: everything ethical is an extension of attract & retain strategyRussell Klosk
A5: You need to create a community that people want to be a part of – or they won’t want to work their IRL #tchatAlli Polin
a5. The Social Revolution is built, created, sustained by the best talent on the planet. #tchatMichael Clark
A5. Pro – a place of mind to deepen connection & broaden ideas. Con – a place of constraint when it becomes unconsciously elitist. #tchatSalima Nathoo
A5) Employees are best referral source for good talent. Encourage them to share socially. #tchatTim McDonald
A5 A zingy community will attract some awesome talent =big plus ~ but what if your community is dowdy……. #tchatCASUDI
A5. talent can learn “the inside scoop” of a company before determining if the culture fits their values. #tchatAshley Lauren Perez
A5. PRO: natural extension of a company’s talent attracting activities… CONS: it can go wrong if your brand is feeble #tchatRob Garcia
A5 Con – too little turnover – too little change #tchatPaul Hebert
A5 Pro – less cultural learning curve – less turnover – less cost #tchatPaul Hebert
A5 Community can help you identify thought and knowledge leaders. Can show talent and skill too. #tchatDavid DeWald
A5 Con – too little diversity #tchatPaul Hebert
A5 Pro – more people that “fit” #tchatPaul Hebert
A5 – IMO online communities can be “manufactured” but only sustained & grown “organically” many examples of this on LinkedIn groups #TChatSylvia Dahlby