A Guide For Reading Your Team’s Personalities

You know what would be ridiculously useful? If you could “read” other people.

If you predict how a co-worker would make decisions. If you could predict what they would do…maybe even before they knew it themselves.

How great that would be, right?

Well, below is a free guide that will get you started, and help you begin to understand the different communication styles of everyone on your team. Click the link at the bottom of this post to access the information in the chart.


We affectionately call this a “cheat sheet,” because it’s an immediate reference guide for anticipating how people will respond in various situations.

Print this free guide, and use it with your partner, your team, and your entire business.

(And if your group hasn’t done the Fascination Advantage® assessment yet, you can do that right here.)

In our research with hundreds of groups, we’ve seen that the top teams aren’t built around similarities, but around differences. Once you identify the most valuable differences of each individual, your group becomes stronger as a whole.

Start applying this free guide with your group. Start to see how those different communication styles balance each other, and improve results.

Viva la difference!

This post is adapted from Sally Hogshead’s original post “How To Read People (A Free Guide For Teams).”

About the Author: World-class branding expert Sally Hogshead is the creator of The Fascination Advantage™: the world’s first personality test that measures what makes someone most engaging to others.