How to Grow Your Company Without Losing Its Culture

Hiring dilutes your culture unless, along with resumes and skill sets, you look at a candidate’s personal alignment with your company’s core values.

The concept of startup culture, which is synonymous with open innovation, agility, risk-taking and bootstrapping your way … Read more

Your Employees Are Engaged…REALLY?

A while back, I dropped in on an innovative workspace for one of my software technology clients– it’s a very cool office space. An open-plan, communal space with worktables in rows, very low partitions between areas, and no private offices. … Read more

The Core Qualifications of HR for 2016

A respected colleague of mine wrote a piece that posed the question, “Are you qualified to be in HR?” This thought provoking article argued that being caring was of essential importance to being an effective HR practitioner. I couldn’t agree Read more