#WorkTrends Preview: Competing and Caring for Employees

Matt Rizzetta, CEO of North 6th Agency, an award-winning brand communications agency with locations in New York City and Toronto, has a roulette wheel in his office that employees can spin to win cool prizes. He also provides delectable catered lunches on Thursdays. Those perks are nice but he is the first to say that treats alone don’t begin to define the company’s culture.

When I talk to people about what they want from corporate culture, I hear about their desire to find a “fit,” to understand their role in their organization’s success, and to have an environment where there is courage to make change when it is called for. Leaders tell me that being attuned to the organizational culture is as important as balance sheets and sales numbers.

One of Matt’s favorite truths about culture is that leaders need to be brave enough to experiment and find what works, even if it means ending experiments that sounded promising at first. Status quo is not the perfect environment for a thriving corporate culture.

Matt wrote in a recent blog, “While I’m proud of the culture of experimentation that we’ve cultivated through the years, it’s come at a steep price. Lots of time, commitment, and many painful lessons along the way as experiments have been developed, implemented and scrutinized at every step of the test lab.”

Are you in an environment where the balance of culture to perks is skewed? Would you prefer five minutes with a boss who truly listens to you or a certificate or plaque?

This #WorkTrends chat will explain exactly what high-performance organizations need to do to build (and keep) camaraderie, trust, and mentorship. Matt will also speak specifically to companies in growth mode, which face the additional challenge of learning how to maintain morale, hold to their values, and culture promises as they expand.

Whether you are an employee seeking a better understanding of corporate culture, or a leader trying to build something incredible, you’ll gain insight from Matt’s experience and perspective.

Join #WorkTrends host Meghan M. Biro and her guest Matt Rizzetta, CEO of North 6th Agency, on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, at 1 pm ET as they discuss great ideas for how companies can grow and scale without losing sight of their values and culture promises.

Competing and Caring for Employees

 #WorkTrends Preview: Competing and Caring for EmployeesJoin Meghan and Matt on our LIVE online podcast Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 1 pm ET | 10 am PT.

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