Selecting the Right Staff for Your Corporate Event

When you’ve invested days, weeks, and even months planning a meeting, there’s nothing more disappointing than being let down by the staff on the day. It’s easily forgotten – but ensuring you have the right hosts to greet your guests, and great people to support them over the course of the day, can make a huge difference in the way your visitors experience your meticulously planned event.

After all, there’s nothing worse than having your guests’ first encounter at the event take place with someone who doesn’t quite embody the attitude and atmosphere you’re attempting to create. That initial welcome can be ‘make or break’ – so it’s essential it’s done right.

We’ve been working in event staffing for the last decade – and as such, we’ve discovered a number of things it’s essential to consider when selecting staff for meetings and corporate events. Here’s a small selection:

Uniform requirements – do you have a specific look in mind?

We ask all our corporate event staff to have a number of items on hand that cover the general requirements for events in the sector – such as a white shirt and black suit, specific shoes, and so on – but if you’ve got a particular aesthetic you’d like to work to, it’s important to provide the details to your staffing partner as soon as you can.

Do you need staff with specialist skills?

Often, our clients will request our staff have specialist skills – from cocktail flarers, to dancers and performers. These skills can be highly in demand, particularly in busy seasonal periods – so it’s worth considering these as early as possible to ensure you’re able to secure the best talent for your event.

Will your staff require an in-depth briefing?

If so, it’s worth considering how and when this will take place. An on-site briefing on the day might be sufficient – but if it’s a particularly detailed brief, it’s worth providing as much detail as possible to the staff prior to the event, allowing them time to familiarize themselves with your requirements and arrive fully prepared for the day.

Of course, every event is different – and each will have its own staffing requirements – but these three points are a great place to start when choosing staff for your corporate event.

photo credit: Digiart2001 | jason.kuffer blue bar silo via photopin (license)