Keep Your Head Up: 8 Ways To Self-Improve While Job Searching

We’ve just about escaped those cold days of winter. And as much as those sitting at warm desks can complain about the rain, if you’re still struggling to find a job this time of year, it can be even worse. But now is the time to change. Throw on a sweater, grab a cup of coffee and take this time to turn your cabin fever on its head.


Learn Some New Skills:

1. Master A New Language

Launched back in 2012, Duolingo opened the doors to easy and accessible language learning – and it’s free! So download the app, or work through your browser and refresh/begin your second language skills. Boosted employability? Check.

2. Improve Your Software Skills

Ever been a bit too scared to tackle Photoshop? Well now is your chance to jump out of your comfort zone and get learning. Software skills are very sought after, and there are thousands of tutorials on how to use specific programmes online. Beyond Photoshop, it may sound simple, but mastering Powerpoint and Outlook are must-haves for future jobs – if you’re not working you may lose your touch and it’s essential to remain in the loop with current job requirements.

3. Pick Up An Instrument

Granted, you probably won’t become instantly more employable if you can play the Friends theme tune on the piano, but it can’t hurt. Again, the internet has a huge collection of musical tutorials and even if it only becomes a small-talk conversation topic, it makes you appear interesting and diverse.

4. Become A Better Cook

It’s a well-known fact that good food makes people happier. That extends to yourself, your family/room-mates and your future colleagues. Honing in on your culinary and baking skills while you have the time will be incredibly beneficial, and the internet (especially Youtube, Pinterest and Cookbook Café) will act as your portal.

5. Learn How To Code

Give Coursera a try for a giant portal to online learning with almost 1000 free courses available. Or if you just want to code, sign up for free online coding lessons with the Code Academy. A grasp of basic HTML and CSS can be an amazing asset that currently employed job-hunters may not have time to acquire.

Get Out Of The House:

6. Get Involved In Volunteering

It’s common knowledge that employment gaps are easily noticed by employees. While it’s dishonest and dangerous to lie on your résumé, why not consider channelling some of your ‘free’ time into voluntary work. Your spirits should be lifted by the fact that you’re helping others and future employers will appreciate your selfless efforts.

7. Travel (As Far Away As You Can Afford)

Feeling adventurous? With friends or on your own, leaving the house for the day or weekend is a brilliant idea. Look at cheap travel options and if you want to stay somewhere, consider couch surfing. You’ll meet new and interesting people, plus they can give you recommendations on where to go exploring. If you gain nothing more than a nice Instagram snap, the freedom to roam will do brilliant things to your motivation.

8. Join The Gym

Exercise releases endorphins; Endorphins make you happy. It’s really that simple. And while some may not be able to afford the big name gym memberships, there are cheap and pay-as-go gyms available. Failing that, head to YouTube or download a free exercise app and practise those lunges in the comfort of your own home.

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