Why Do Entrepreneurs Fail? Why It Could Happen to You

A good idea goes a long way in making any business a success, but it’s not the only thing that’s needed to ensure it doesn’t fail. Many entrepreneurs start businesses in the hope they are going to be the next Facebook or Google, but eventually reality hits and they realize they need more than just a clever idea to push a business forward. It’s obvious a unique idea is going to give any entrepreneur the best chance to succeed, but there are many other reasons why promising ideas don’t always get the exposure they deserve.

Some Entrepreneurs Show Too Much Desire to Profit Early

We’re all in business to make money, that’s a fact, but when you’re starting a new business you should target success in a different way other than thinking about profit. Instant profit for any entrepreneur is brilliant, but some business owners choose to take that profit to better their personal lives rather than thinking about taking the business further by investing in fresh marketing ideas. Many entrepreneurs then wonder why they don’t have the capital to invest and start to lose motivation in the unique idea that was supposed to make them millions instantaneously.

Lack Motivation When Times Get Hard

Times do get hard as an entrepreneur, but it’s important you keep going to ensure you’re a success. Successful entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal, for example, hasn’t always had it easy but he’s always stuck at it and he’s now reaping the rewards with multiple successful companies, one of them being Gravity4 – the industry’s first marketing cloud platform that serves on a global scale and has more than 400 employees.   He’s also gone on to create the Chahal Foundation which focuses on empowering women and ending child illiteracy.  If he isn’t an entrepreneur who can motivate you to continue, no-one will be able to.

Poor Marketing Efforts

Entrepreneurs know that building a business from a great idea isn’t the only step to take to bring an idea to life. They know that marketing is going to be key to ensure the world knows about the idea and this is the point when many entrepreneurs fail. They lack experience when it comes to digital and traditional marketing ideas and without a good marketing strategy they end up losing the exposure they need to succeed. A good marketing strategy is not only one that gets the idea out there, but one that has the power to do it quickly by taking advantage of viral marketing ideas using the likes of social media.

Sometimes, a fantastic idea will do the marketing work for an entrepreneur but in most cases, it still takes a good marketing ploy to get a clever idea off the ground.

Possess the Fear of Failure

This article certainly isn’t going to do anyone favors when it comes their own fear of business failure, but it’s a common reason why entrepreneurs fail. Before even starting a business, there are those out there that believe it will fail before it profits, and ultimately, that makes them their own worst enemy when it comes to starting a business. What entrepreneurs need to do is unleash their true passion and show the world why their idea is going to work. They need positivity when it comes to business so they’ll have the confidence to take their business forward, and that’s what makes a great entrepreneur.

Poor Financial Management

As stated above, a lot of entrepreneurs are very short-sighted when it comes to business and are only looking to profit early rather than add long-term value to a business. This is one of the reasons why they fail, but another obvious reason is because they have poor financial management skills in the long run. They don’t hire accountants quickly enough to stable the finances of a business and that later costs them the business altogether.

There is a knack to being a true entrepreneur and it’s not always about luck. It’s about having willpower, motivation, determination, and plenty of good personal skills.

Photo Credit: jonahengler Flickr via Compfight cc