What I Learned About Culture from the ExponentHR Team

There’s nothing I love more than nerding out over HR tech and culture. I love seeing demos, hearing about new features and dreaming about where work is going.

But as much as I love technology and the HR tech industry, there’s one word I don’t often associate with tech companies: “family.” Traditionally, HR tech companies are big on solving problems and selling their solutions, but sometimes “service” gets lost in the shuffle.

I’m here to tell you that is not the case with my new friends at ExponentHR. Their team recently invited me on a trip to Sun Valley, Idaho (if you haven’t been there, book your flight ASAP! As you’ll see in the pics in this post, it’s insanely beautiful) to talk about the future of their technology and learn more about what makes their company tick. But they didn’t have to tell me; I could sense it right away. ExponentHR is all about culture, service and family.

Here’s what I learned from their team.

Personalize Everything

ExponentHR made me feel like a valued, respected member of their team throughout my experience, starting before I even left for the airport. Before the trip, I got personalized communication outlining what I’d need, what our schedule would include and even a last-minute look at the weather report. When we arrived, I was outfitted with a Columbia fishing shirt, a hat and sunblock.

The lesson to me was clear: Personalize everything. Give your customers and prospects white-glove service that makes them feel like a million bucks. After receiving such personalized attention from their team, it didn’t surprise me to learn that hospitality is one of the core industries they serve. They understand the value of true hospitality and service, and they’ve baked an extensive onboarding and training process into the way they greet new customers.

Make Your Customers Feel Like Family

When I arrived at the Sun Valley airport along with a handful of other analysts, we were all scooped up and driven to an amazing home, where we’d be spending our time for the next few days. When mealtime rolled around, I didn’t spot any caterers in the kitchen. Instead, the ExponentHR executive team cooked meals and served us. I immediately felt like part of the family. And ExponentHR is a family-run company, with several relatives and their spouses on the leadership team.

When you treat your customers like humans, they feel the difference. ExponentHR isn’t the biggest HR tech brand out there — and they compete with some of the biggest corporate brands in the space — but they do a great job building relationships.

They even brought several of their happy customers to Sun Valley to join in the fun and share their stories. We heard from leaders at the property-management company Avenue5 Residential, The Dallas Cowboys and logistics company Patriot Transportation Holdings about why they count ExponentHR as a trusted partner.

It’s no wonder they have a customer-retention rate that hovers around 97 percent, which is insane for an HR tech company.

Be Transparent

ExponentHR brought us to Sun Valley to talk about the future of their company, but this wasn’t all sunshine and pretty PR-approved slides. The company’s leaders got into the nitty-gritty, sharing their challenges and roadblocks and asking candidly for our advice.

They were willing to be vulnerable, a character trait that’s so desperately needed in the world of tech sales. Talking openly and honestly is a core value at ExponentHR. For customers, that means candid responses to service requests and no hidden costs or fees. Sounds like a breath of fresh air to me.

Long story short: It’s easy to build a business but forget about the human element. The friendly, caring, expert team at ExponentHR reminded me of the value of culture and treating people right. Their attitude and culture extend to the way they treat their customers. If you’re looking for a solution for HR, payroll and benefits administration, look up ExponentHR.

This post is not sponsored, but ExponentHR provided the writer with an expenses-paid trip to learn about their business.