Lessons in Community From My Hometown

I’m so proud to be from Boston. The events of the past week have reminded me just how special this community is.

Last Monday, some despicable, destructive acts suddenly thrust Boston to the front of the global stage. But as each hour has unfolded since, I’ve been heartened to see the power of unity, love and generosity that shines through the people of this great city.

Common Bond

Only moments after Monday’s bomb attacks, we saw people rushing through the chaos to help — ignoring the risk to their own safety. Propelled by their humanity and their commitment to others, individuals from all walks of life stepped outside of their normal boundaries to rise above and beyond all expectations. We saw public servants display genuine leadership. And our city came together as one to preserve and protect what is near and dear to us. The good people won.


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Fortunately, this kind of response isn’t unique to Boston. We’ve all seen our share of cities rally through tragedy, man-made and otherwise. So I recognize that this is part of the human condition — this desire that drives us to persevere and to prevail, together.

A Takeaway for Organizations

Of course, as a community leader of a different type, I naturally think about how events like this should translate into “world of work” lessons. Here are the big questions weighing on my mind:

In everyday circumstances, how can organizations find the unity of purpose they need to gain and sustain strength? And what role should a strong business play in helping others in their community — for the benefit of all?

Social media and global networks can make a huge difference in connecting the workplace with the community at-large. But truly, it starts with leaders who believe that supporting a broader agenda is their organization’s responsibility.

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