Why Teleconferencing Can Keep Your Best Employees On Board

When you start to think about all of the different ways to attract and keep the best employees possible, you’ll find that you have quite a few options at your disposal. However, if you think about the easiest ways to be able to retain employees and inspire confidence, one solution is simply to embrace new technologies. And, when you consider the top options in the area of technology, one of the best ways to show employees you are embracing efficiency is to use video conferencing for communication solutions.

Builds Trust

If you think about the younger generation, then you will be able to see just how much they trust technology. The fact of the matter is the youngest of workers have already started to be able to buy in to new technology, but it’s more than just being able to get them to buy into technology. You want them to be able to buy into the organization and how it continues to embrace change. According to A Technology Society, if you can have a younger generation of employees who see your company as cutting edge and willing to take the necessary steps forward, then they will be far more confident in what direction your company is going in. They will also be more willing to help drive that change because it is in a language and a format that they are used to.

Full Meetings At Minimal Costs

Not only can you expect a video meeting solution provided by companies like BlueJeans to have more transparency and general ease of use, but it can do so much more for bringing as many employees on board as possible. It is about more than just the overall number of people you can stuff into a room that will help your organization. You have to be able to think about the amount of space that large or even small organizations will spend on multiple meeting rooms, transportation, and even just on trying to pack multiple people into a physical location and how it can be very difficult in general.

Breaking Away From The Drag Of Regular Meetings

One thing that many people who are younger will fear when it comes to working for the biggest of companies is the regular monotony of big corporate practices. They don’t want huge meetings, they don’t want to push paper, and they certainly don’t want to waste half of their time doing tedious things. That is exactly why it is so important for younger individuals to be able to figure out how they can best accomplish tasks and do so with the highest efficiency.

Countless meetings is certainly not an attractive thing for anyone, but when you consider the way that millennials will react to those meetings as an entire generation then you can see why meetings and the corporate life in general are one of the biggest things that cause younger individuals to turn and run the other way. According to Slade Sundar, the truth of the matter is there are multiple reasons for hating meetings, and most all of them deal with some sort of inefficiency and the inability to accomplish tasks.

Not Enough Accomplishment

While the younger generations see businesses as a place to go and work, they are also in a different mindset than those who have come before them. Older generations are comfortable with spending time at work and looking at a time clock. They don’t care how much work they do so long as they are able to make it through the workday. However, while this has always worked in the past, it makes complete sense to see that the youngest generation is far more task oriented.

They only want to participate in activities and items that will lead to complete success. It is extremely hard to walk willingly into meetings when younger generations truly feel that they will do nothing more than shoot the breeze and not be able to see any real benefit from the meeting itself. Even if there are tasks which can be accomplished from the meeting, it will take time to get back to the desk and finish them off. That’s why you will want to do whatever you can to encourage employee buy-in and the best way to get them to like and embrace meetings is to make them easier. The simplest solution is to let them participate in meetings right from the comfort of their own desk so they can multitask and continue to be productive without feeling like they are wasting time.

As you can see, younger employees can be extremely valuable but you do need to figure out their psyche and how you can get them onboard. The easiest way is to continue to embrace technology and let those employees who can use it to their advantage continue using it.

Photo Credit: Spanish Virtually via Compfight cc