A Manifesto For Better Hiring Software

I run a company so it’s right that I spend time hiring. But there’s a bunch of stuff I just shouldn’t have to do. All of which has a cost attached to it, in terms of my time, the bottom line and the quality of decisions.

I shouldn’t need to be an engineer (or hire one) to set up and manage my careers page. It should be as simple as changing my background image and bio on Twitter.

I shouldn’t be fielding PDFs and emails. A computer should be collecting, organizing and showing me job candidates the same way LinkedIn or Facebook show me contacts or friends.

I shouldn’t be decoding a million different resume styles that basically contain a few standardized pieces of information. A computer should present these to me in a readable, uniform way.

I shouldn’t be deciphering long documents to extract simple information like “how many years of work experience has she got?”. You guessed it, the software should do this for me.

I shouldn’t have to fish out answers to simple questions such as “does this person have a technology degree?”. The applicant should be ticking my requirements when she applies.

I shouldn’t be wasting time on irrelevant applications. My software should show me the 3-4 most important things – like current employment, college degree and keyword matches – in a compact way, so I can put aside what I know won’t work.

I shouldn’t have to use email to share notes or discuss candidates with my team. My hiring tool should let me add notes to candidates just like I put comments on Facebook. The same tool should show me a notification when someone mentions me in a comment or takes action on a candidate in my hiring pipeline.

I shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on recruiters for mid-level hires. I should have some simple sourcing tools that let me fill a talent pool and save my recruiting dollars for the toughest hires.

Finally, should I really have to spend time being taught to use my hiring tool? Does it have to be ugly? I don’t see why. Hiring software should be as easy to use as social media. And good-looking.

In other words, my team and I should be doing the things we’re good at and the software should automate the rest.

We Wanted Better Hiring Software, So We Made Our Own.

What’s this got to do with the cost of hiring? Well, a lot really. Many of these pain points were identified by bigger corporations and expensively solved a long time ago. But their solutions — what’s become legacy HR software — has been both out of reach to SMBs and not designed for them in the first place.

SMBs account for two-thirds of all new hires in the U.S. and according to every metric they’re spending more per hire than their larger counterparts. Better tools, or ‘HR Tech’ as we’ve come to know it should close this gap.

This is not just about hiring cheaper, it’s about hiring better. Affordable tools that broaden your reach with jobseekers, unclutter your inbox and give you back the time you need to tackle sourcing in an increasingly competitive recruiting landscape.

How many times have you thought that you’d like to hire more ambitiously, but you don’t have the time? We’re making that more Workable.


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