Why HR & Talent Management Pros Should Read Our Buying Trends Report

When you first read our HR Buying Trends Report, you may be tempted to assume there is only one target audience for the results: HR solution providers.

This is an easy assumption to make, and understandable given the scenario: we publish in-depth insights from influential HR buyers about their purchasing habits, preferences and budgets, and HR solution providers use this valuable information to market better to HR buyers. It certainly makes sense.

But HR & Talent Management practitioners, I urge you not to make this assumption, because there is a wealth of important material for you here, too.

How so?

Well, ask yourself the following question: what’s one of the most irritating things about your job? Chances are, it’s being constantly besieged by lousy pitches from would-be HR solution providers. I mean, be honest; your inbox is full of them, and you’re probably going to delete or ignore most of them away without a second thought. Right?

Right. But that’s a shame, because inevitably you’re going to miss some great potential partnerships. Still, I understand. There are only so many hours in the day, you can only do so much filtering, and in truth, it IS irritating to receive misdirected, poorly presented solicitations that seemingly show no consideration for you, your needs, or the needs of your company.

But here’s a bit of #HRTruth for you: HR buyers, you’re actually part of the problem, and you actually share part of the blame.

I know, it doesn’t seem possible, that you should be responsible for all that dross clogging up your Outlook. But it’s true.

It takes two to tango.

I’ll share a story with you to try and illustrate my point. I was at a conference recently, and in the course of a conversation with someone I was meeting for the first time (who happens to be an HR buyer), I learned a) that he wades through email pitches on a near-daily basis, and b) that actually he really prefers texting for business correspondence.


I couldn’t get this chat out of my mind for days after the conference, and now I know why.

It’s like this: HR buyers, I think you need to better own your side of the dialogue, and if you want to be approached a certain way, then you need to help HR solution providers know how to do this right, for you. You can’t keep your preferences under wraps, and then get upset when no one guesses the best way to pitch you! They’re HR solution providers, after all, not mind readers.

And this is why HR buyers too should read our HR Buying Trends Report. Because it’s the map by which HR solution providers will be sighting their way to your shores, it is also your opportunity to clarify the route by which they reach you.

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(About the Author: Katrina Busselle is Vice President of Client Services for fisher VISTA a marketing and media relations firm that specializes in reaching the HR marketplace.)
photo credit: Camera Eye Photography via photopin cc