#HRTechConf: My Top 5 Highlights

Last week was HR Technology® in Las Vegas. And what an event! Over four days, 4,000 attendees came together with 300 exhibiting companies to learn, network and witness 60 new product announcements!

For me, HR Tech’s biggest pull is in providing a buzzing atmosphere and the relationships which can come from it. The Conference and Expo is one of the top locations to reconnect with our existing clients, showcase our tools to new prospects and meet the big names of tomorrow.

Here are my top 5 highlights from this year’s show:

1. HRMarketer Listed In Top Ten Technologies

The HRMarketer team was honored to be included within this year’s top ten HR Technologies And Recruiting tools.

There are some pretty awesome names on the list and its very gratifying to see ours among them. Having our software described by Matt Charney as the “crème de la crème of the category” and “the only HR Technology provider whose software I quite literally feel I can’t live without?” is special!

2. Meeting With Clients And Making New Contacts At Established HR Tech Companies

Not only did I get to catch up with existing clients, I also made lots of new friends. Engage2Excel, for example, asked me to drop by and check out the old TharpeRobbins. The new energy was enormous and the team there were so friendly and engaging!

3. Getting To Know The New Players

I’ve run start ups before and understand the challenges. That’s why I make a habit of meeting with the new players in the Startup Pavillion. It’s wonderful to chat with entrepreneurial people and talk through their challenges and opportunities to grow within the tech space.

4. The Social Buzz

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love to be on social channels sharing and creating content and, in my own small way, helping to create a buzz around the top events.

#HRTechConf was more than just buzzing, the social noise was almost deafening and some amazing relationships were generated as a result. I loved that I had so many people reaching out to me on the floor- one of the most impressive was the technology demonstrated by CareerBuilder who sent a video via twitter asking for me to drop by their booth.

There were almost 8000 unique twitter handles using #HRTechConf. HRTech must have a lot of virtual attendees! For example I had lots of fun trying to connect with Jo White from Tower Watson. I couldn’t understand why I was having trouble finding her on the exhibit floor until I realized she was one such person attending virtually.

5. Innovation And Product Launches

HRTech was all about announcements. A big one that springs to mind was Globoforce’s announcement of their WorkHuman event next May 9-11 in Orlando.

The new release of our Get It Done module, officially unveiled at #hrtechconf this week, means that the power and reach of our social media and research tools will help more marketers than ever save time and get their social engagement initiatives done much faster and with maximium impact. It was such a pleasure to stop by booths or meet people at parties and tell them about the new tools. I even had a client pay for the software right on the Exhibit floor on day 1!!

Overall it was a fantastic conference and I’m thrilled to be returning to HR Technology Conference and Expo 2016 in Chicago.


Image: Bigstock