Be A Conscious 21st Century Leader!

For the 21st century leader, whatever we create in our business should have a meaningful impact and inspire others to share in our higher purpose. To truly be the leader the world needs today, we need to consider and discuss the importance of these elements as part of our journey to creating a more humane and saner world:

Be A Conscious 21st Century Leader!

Conscious leaders focus on continuously asking themselves these questions:

  • What is my life’s purpose? What does it propel me to create in the world? How will my life’s work make the world a better place for me, my community, and the world?
  • Why am I trusted to conduct meaningful business?
  • What is working well? What do I need to focus more on?
  • How do I shift from focusing on problems to co-creating opportunities?
  • How can I help other people see themselves as trusted leaders themselves, so that they can make the impact on the world they are capable of?

On the journey to corporate sanity, 33 leading business pioneers share transformational stories about how they are profitably creating a beautiful and humane world. We can draw from their collective wisdom to help us chart our own journey to a new mindset of 21st century leadership. Join the journey today by experiencing their stories and co-creating your own.

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