Career Personality Perspective: What’s Your Angle?

I’ve probably taken close to a dozen personality tests over the years. In just a few minutes, you get a trendy acronym or entertaining epithet to hang your hat on.

While I have found value in these assessments, I also see risk in becoming attached to the alluring labels: we can become quite fascinated with ourselves and our newly branded personalities.

I’m all for opportunities enabling personal growth and learning. The knowledge gained from these assessments can create a healthy balance of self-confidence and humility.

Personality tests can also encourage us to adopt a near-sighted view of ourselves. We think we know who we are.

So when I was approached to experiment with yet another personality test, I wondered what “angle” this one was working.

I jumped into the test. Short and sweet.

And surprising.

Sally Hogshead turns the predictable personality test upside-down. She has spent over two decades of research to develop The Fascination Advantage. It’s the world’s first personality test that shifts the perspective from how you see the world to how the world sees you.

This test challenges us to be the observer and the observed.

Understanding ourselves and how others perceive us is the winning combination for personal and professional success. Seeing yourself from the world’s perspective gives you the ability to fine tune your message to others. What you say may sound crystal clear to you, but your listener may hear nothing but static.

When you understand your fascination advantages and how they are perceived by others, you can dial-in those qualities for clear and concise communication.

Now you’re ringing your true cowbell: effectively communicating your “unique value proposition.”

The Fascination Advantage helps individuals find their unique “cowbells” and effectively communicate their workplace value. Brands can develop a signature story to attract, nurture, and maintain top talent.

For career and brand success in the Social Age, we must consistently demonstrate our value across generations, time zones, and cultures.

The ability to be the observer and the observed is a powerful soft skill to have in your reputation management and brand building toolkit.

Are you ready to learn about “The Fascination Advantage?”

We’ve taken the test here at the TalentCulture #TChat Show and it’s pretty awesome. My assessment results were spot-on!

We’re giving you the opportunity to take the test as well:

Go to

Use code TCHAT and start your assessment!

Fascinate us and share your experiences with the #TChat community!

About the Author: Jessica E. Roberts is the Community Manager for TalentCulture and The World of Work Community. 

photo credit: One World Before Another via photopin (license)

Twitter: The Great Global Collaborator

Once upon a tweet, I was curious and a bit puzzled by the little blue bird. The social media network had a peculiar name and an even more peculiar personality.

What was once a mere chirp in the cacophony of social media channels now boasts close to 1 billion registered users.

Pretty impressive, until you find out only 30% of those registered users are active. Twitter, we have a problem.

We are in The Social Age where cloud technology, social media, and mobile are changing how we do business and live our daily lives.

We are more empowered and enabled to collaborate across time zones and cultures.

Twitter is the great global collaborator. But it will take time, knowledge, and skill to make Twitter a powerful tool for your personal and employer brand and business.

The start is the hardest part. But keep this in mind: the brightest Twitter superstars were once nebulous newbies.

My nebulous start began about one year ago. I started with a few tweets per week, followed influencers, and joined Twitter chat communities that supported my personal and professional interests. With practice, patience, and persistence, Twitter became my #1 go-to collaboration tool.

In my Twitter travels, I came across the TalentCulture #TChat community. #TChat is one of the largest and longest-running global Twitter chat communities. It was recently listed as one of the top 15 business Twitter chats.

The community’s wide arms are balanced by its ability to nurture deeper relationships and collaborations. #TChat is an inspiring example of using Twitter to grow a thriving global and collaborative community.

Building a global Twitter community, whether you’re a big brand or solopreneur, is available to anyone. In the Social Age, we have unprecedented access to connect, share, and learn.

I want to share an event dedicated to teaching you how to use Twitter in a more efficient and productive way.

The 25-hour Chirp, Chirp Extravaganza takes place February 12, from  9:00am to 10:00am ET. There will be 22 different sessions during the 25-hour event.

Global guest speakers, from superstar influencers to small business entrepreneurs, will share their stories and expertise. I am honored to be one of the speakers during this one-of-a-kind event.

If you would like to join, you can register here.

Then join us on #TChat and share your experiences with us!

About the Author: Jessica E. Roberts is the Community Manager for TalentCulture and The World of Work Community. 

photo credit: Cea. via photopin cc