Grandma’s Christmas Gift to Leaders

As we all know, Christmas is a hectic time of year. The calendar is jammed with work and social events, the pocketbook is stretched and the need to fulfill family dreams is overwhelming.

It is a time of year when … Read more

Choosing to Be a Leader, Without Forgetting How to Follow

A true leader isn’t someone who operates in a single mode all the time. Our Western culture has a lot of myths about leadership. One is that to be a leader; you have to be “On” all the time. We … Read more

The Secret Formula for Exemplary Leadership

As the landscape of business continues to evolve, we not only see changes outside the organization, we see changes inside the organization as well. That means different communication styles, different individual work style preferences, different motivators and incentives, different corporate … Read more

#WorkTrends Preview: The Keys to Exemplary Leadership

The changing landscape of business requires a more relational leadership style. Why? Because the traditional world of work that existed in the past – dictatorial, autocratic, etc. – is no longer an option for optimal productivity from followers. But how Read more