How Big Data Will Develop

There is still much to look forward to in the way of technology in 2015. It’s explosive. It’s all encompassing. It’s big data.

Nearly every aspect of our lives are already touched by data in some way. The annoying … Read more

Checking References And Getting The Info You Need

For those of us in HR, the process of checking references on candidates is ingrained. We call, ask a few questions to verify dates and title, ask if the candidate is eligible for rehire, and, if we are lucky, we … Read more

Three Ways To Distinguish A Killer Culture

Workplace culture is everything. It’s how work gets accomplished (or avoided); it encompasses the systems, processes and decision-making space to work effectively and efficiently; and incorporates the values, beliefs and behaviors exemplified (or not) by leaders–and by “leaders” I am … Read more

How To Convert More Candidates Using Psychology

In today’s hyper-competitive recruitment market, the secret to convincing great talent to apply is often as simple as understanding exactly what they want (and expect) from your company.

Unfortunately, we’re too busy to get to know all candidates personally. So, … Read more

Don’t Let Bad Reviews Get You Down In The Dumps

You can’t guarantee every employee is going to have a perfect experience with your company. Job dissatisfaction is bound to happen no matter how great the company culture and management team are. Bad reviews will happen and disengaged or Read more

Are Your Recruiting Practices Scaring Good Candidates Away?

Have you ever posted an opening and received very little response from job seekers? It has happened to most of us who work in HR and recruiting. We often sit and lament the fact that there are no more … Read more

The No Fear Approach To Handling A Combative Employee

As a new manager, you’re glad to have Chris on your team. He seems like an ideal employee: smart, experienced and gets things done. There’s just one problem. He disagrees with you and his co-workers at every turn. It’s to … Read more

The Death of Traditional Talent Management

by Jeff Carr, President and CEO, PeopleFluent

As organizations increasingly grasp the true value of their workforce and view employees as important business assets rather than cogs in a wheel, conversations in boardrooms across the globe are focusing on talent … Read more