#WorkTrends Recap: Leverage a Digital Workplace for Better Engagement

The mobile and digital revolution has changed the traditional workplace as we know it.

The companies that have embraced this change in the digital environment have seen improved productivity, more innovation from their employees, and a cultural alignment in the workplace. The digital workplace helps solve challenges related to communication, collaboration, and employee engagement.

But there are still some organizations who are hesitant to implement digital solutions with a guaranteed ROI on employee engagement. It’s time for those organizations to get over the fear.

This week on #WorkTrends, guest host Cyndy Trivella welcomed Mike Hicks, a recognized leader in the global enterprise software marketing firm Igloo Software, to discuss the advantages of using technology to better engage employees and create a thriving culture.

Igloo Software provides digital workplace solutions that connect leaders and employees, facilitate communication, and improve overall workplace productivity.

Here are a few key points Mike shared:

  • The digital workplace is where the work actually gets done.
  • The four pillars of the digital workplace are communication, collaboration, knowledge management, and culture.
  • Most people are receptive to technology when they have a choice.
  • 95% of candidates in their 20’s and 30’s believe culture is more important than communication.

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#WorkTrends Preview: Leverage a Digital Workplace for Better Engagement

The traditional workplace as we know it has changed. Everything is more global, more mobile and more digital.

The smart companies that have embraced change in this digital environment have improved productivity, innovation and cultural alignment. The digital workplace also helps solve core challenges related to communication, collaboration and employee engagement.

Unfortunately, there are brands that have not adopted the use of technology and with that may have a culture lacking engagement, close collaboration and high levels of productivity.

On Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at 1pm ET, #WorkTrends host Meghan M. Biro and her special guest Mike Hicks, a recognized leader in global enterprise software marketing from Igloo Software will discuss the advantages of using technology to better engage employees and to create a thriving culture.

Leverage a Digital Workplace for Better Engagement

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