#WorkTrends Preview: The 11 Laws of Likability

Join host Meghan M. Biro and special guest Michelle Lederman as they discuss “The 11 Laws of Likability.” During this lively conversation, they’ll talk about relationship networking and what draws people to each other in a business capacity.

They will dive into “The 11 Laws of Likability,” which Michelle has identified as the most relevant and impactful aspects of building solid relationships. As she describes, it’s not about transactions, but more about connecting with people in a real and honest manner—that benefits everyone.

They will also uncover some of the misconceptions about what many people believe to be qualities mistakenly linked to likability.

The 11 Laws of Likability

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Tune in to our LIVE online podcast Wednesday, Oct 19 — 1 pm ET / 10 am PT.

Join TalentCulture #WorkTrends Host Meghan M. Biro and guest Michelle Tillis Lederman as they discuss The 11 Laws of Likability.

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