Lose the Paper and Go Digital

We live in a digital age where innovation is everything. That means recruiting and onboarding to up their game as well, adjusting the process to avoid falling behind — and losing employee engagement even before it starts. Many recruiting methods are outdated, and onboarding is often marked by a wall of paperwork that overwhelms the new employee and may even chase away a new hire or alienate a potential one. That’s a lot of effort for nothing.

Going digital offers many benefits

Innovation, in the case of recruiting as well as onboarding, dwells in the cloud. The cloud offers powerful solutions to address many of the key challenges faced by recruiters and HR. Integrating these tools as part of your organizational strategy can transform how new candidates and new hires interact and communicate with prospective employers. Having the ability to streamline content helps ensure that paperwork gets to its destination securely and quickly. With solutions like those available from Adobe Document Cloud, companies can provide a better experience for job candidates and new employees, and enable a more efficient process for recruiters and HR.

Improving existing capabilities

Adobe’s Cloud-based solutions address every point of the recruiting and onboarding process in a way that can be uniquely tailored to an organization’s specific needs. Once the system is integrated, the benefits are endless. Recruiters and management can refocus their time connecting with candidates and employees instead of shuffling through endless stacks of paperwork. Organizations are able to become a part of the employee journey. And candidates feel valued, not shunted to a desk to start filling out forms. And that’s an innovation in itself, particularly in today’s candidate-driven market.

Recruiting great talent

Today’s job seekers are indeed running the show – with a consumer’s approach, they will choose what company they apply for based on the recruiting experience as well as their perception of the brand. here’s where innovation gets even more critical: word travels, as do reviews of hiring experiences. So as recruiting becomes more competitive, it is critical for companies to integrate those innovations that will attract the best talent. These candidates are turned off by being invited to apply in a cattle call and then treated like a number. Cloud-based systems free up time and strengthen personal connections between the prospective employer and the candidate. Furthermore, going digital will attract candidates and new hires (especially GenZ and Millennials) – creating a far more positive perception of your brand.

Onboarding by focusing on engagement

As far as onboarding, it’s not only an opportunity to make new hires feel supported and valued, it’s also the first contact your new hire has with the culture and systems of your company from the inside. Meanwhile, there’s also legal and compliance work to be completed. It’s a balancing act: engagement as well as administration, but with the cloud, there’s no reason both can’t happen at once. Leverage the cloud to better handle the complexities than reams of paper and a whole range of personnel. Speed the process with innovative digital tools like e-signatures, reducing risks and driving better outcomes in terms of employee experience, learning and development, compliance, data and analytics.

It’s certainly time for recruiting as well as onboarding to step away from the filing cabinet and turn to better solutions. Cloud-based solutions make it easier for organizations to hire, engage and retain great talent. Losing the paper and going digital can help us value each other more as we work more efficiently — and that’s what it’s all about.

To learn more about this topic, view the SHRM webinar I hosted in partnership with Adobe here.

This article was sponsored by Adobe, all opinions are that of Meghan M. Biro.

Photo Credit: radioregional Flickr via Compfight cc