Top 5 Reasons HR Is On The Move

Once upon a time, most HR departments provided one-stop shopping for employees with questions or concerns about benefits, hiring, training, complaints, colleagues, etc. For leaders, HR was the place to go for recruitment, retention and terminations. HR is a critical … Read more

The First Steps to Transforming Work Culture

Changing workplace culture is never a revolution—at least, not if you want change that lasts. So if you’re focused on transforming your work culture as we move into the coming year, it’s important to know that it’s a process, not … Read more

The Future of Work is Here: Are Your Managers Prepared?

We often talk about the “future of work” as if it’s a destination; but the reality is that the future of work is already here. Technology’s impact on the remote and part-time workforce is transforming work culture right nowRead more

Want to Create Organizational Change: Look to Middle Managers

Companies focused on leadership and creating organization change often overlook the fact that true organizational change comes not from senior leadership but rather from the company’s corps of middle managers. While rock star CEOs like Tony Hsieh, Richard Branson, and … Read more

HR: You CAN Get There From Here

R.E.M sang the words and they are sometimes, jokingly, attributed to people from Maine – “you can’t get there from here.”

For those in HR, it’s not an uncommon thought – there are so many changes to workflows that seem … Read more

#TChat Recap: Creating Positive Organizational Change That Matters

Creating Positive Organizational Change That Matters

In our final #TChat Topic of the year, we had a really awesome discussion about the importance of creating positive organizational change that matters. Change is something we all need to get used to … Read more

#TChat Recap: How Megatrends Revamp Employee Engagement Strategies

How Megatrends Revamp Employee Engagement Strategies

If there’s one thing certain about trends, it’s that they happen and they usually pop up on everyone’s radar. But it’s megatrends that create impactful circumstances that affect everyone on a personal, cultural, and … Read more

5 Social Skills Business Leaders Must Master

(Editor’s Note: This week, TalentCulture founder, Meghan M. Biro is speaking at the Peoplefluent WISDOM2013 Conference about a topic that is central to the world of work: “Leadership, Workplace Culture and Brand Influence.” In the spirit … Read more