Workplace Collaborations And Partnerships

“Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there.”
– Virginia Burden from The Process of Intuition

The Value Of Collaboration

It takes a strong concerted effort to fully realize the objectives of an organization. The value of colleagues being able to collaborate and create strong partnerships should not be understated. Trust and loyalty built during the process reciprocate to a team environment of respect for individual ideas and create internal motivation, which is huge in keeping business moving forward.

Changes of the workforce over the last half century have been numerous, striving for increased efficiency. Office spaces have evolved into open work stations that require flexibility and collaboration. Offices have expanded into homes and remote locations worldwide, requiring a lot of telecommuting with a number of communication barriers and distractions.

Keeping employees long-term is also a modern challenge in business. Partnership skills are valuable in the overall company culture in terms of being engaged and building a network that is worth sustaining over time. People that cannot build partnerships or work within company culture are not expected to stay at a job very long.

Bradley University professor Heljä Antola Crowe wrote a paper on developing partnerships in schools which acknowledged that truly collaborative environments turn obstacles into opportunities. That is, being accommodating to other’s perspectives creates opportunities for coming up with innovative ideas, fresh approaches, and connecting with diverse groups of people. A partnership propels people to build strengths and create unique things. She also noted that dwindling resources usually force people to work together in different places, and often with small budgets.

A Forbes article outlining twelve principles of collaboration made the unique point that “collaboration makes the world a better place.” Indeed, effective collaboration leads to individual contentment, which indirectly makes a more valuable employee and company culture.

Building Collaborative Relationships

The Crowe article viewed differences in style or culture as potential for new possibilities. To be truly collaborative then, involves not being judgmental. Instead, the collaborative teammate will take differences and use them as a springboard for an entirely new idea or road map.

It should also go without saying that it’s better to play nice and not burn bridges. People that can’t get past differences and have a lot of infighting are doomed. A well-guided group needs to see themselves as a whole united for a common cause rather than bicker about differences.

Emotional IQ is a huge way to improve on partnership building, since employers value employees for abilities such as conflict resolution, calmness under pressure, taking criticism, leadership, empathy toward colleagues and other collaboratively beneficial attitudes. Mindfulness to body language, self-health, and communication are a few ways to improve emotional IQ. It pays to be in the moment to be able to understand other people and come to terms with different ideas.

Harvard Business Review’s research of eight ways to build collaborative teams points to the importance of managers structuring teams correctly. Too many experts in a group bring down the overall efforts. The leaders of a group should not necessarily be an expert on the goal of the group, but rather be oriented to both the relationship of members and the assigning of tasks. That is to say, roles of members should be spelled out, but individual tasks should be ambiguous in order to foster diverse ideas.

Collaboration might sound like a catchphrase for modern business, but it is a very real way to learn from diverse circumstances and benefit not only the individual but the company as a whole. The objectives of the project, or organization, need to be clear and evident at all stages with all members, so that techniques of working together can be realized. Because collaboration is about effective engagement and is a necessary business arrangement in the modern era, there can be no underestimating its importance on the company dynamics.


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Virgin Pulse + TalentCulture Team Up To Champion Workforce Engagement

Changing The Engagement Game Together

Nearly four years ago, we launched TalentCulture on a simple premise — that talent-minded professionals can transform the “world of work” through purposeful social connections. Our vibrant community continues to grow and evolve, fueled by three core values:

•  Desire to advance the “human side” of business;
•  Passion for innovation;
•  Commitment to open collaboration.

In this spirit we welcome Virgin Pulse to the TalentCulture circle — where we’ll work hand-in-hand to help develop better business organizations from the inside out.

Virgin Pulse — Not Your Father’s Wellness Program


Learn more about Virgin Pulse

Part of Sir Richard Branson’s famed Virgin Group, Virgin Pulse (formerly Virgin HealthMiles) is the leading workplace health engagement platform. Every day, its “Total Quality of Life” approach empowers more than 1,000,000 participants to improve their health in ways that are meaningful, fun and sustainable. This elevates employee performance and retention, while simultaneously building stronger, more resilient organizations.

The Virgin Pulse philosophy fits naturally with TalentCulture’s emphasis on “seeing employees in 3D.” Together, we aim to advance the concept of “bringing your whole self to work.”

Everybody Plays — Everybody Wins!

What does this alliance mean for you? In the months ahead, look for TalentCulture and Virgin Pulse to:

•  Examine core engagement issues facing today’s business and HR leaders;
•  Investigate the connection between healthy employees and business performance;
•  Exchange benchmarks and insights from our respective communities;
•  Share thought leadership that is shaping engagement standards and practices.

Today’s organizational challenges are highly complex. There are no easy answers, but diverse ideas can lead to innovative solutions. That’s why we welcome everyone to the TalentCulture table — including HR technology and services vendors. We believe that this inclusive environment encourages effective problem solving, and accelerates everyone’s path to progress.

Our relationship with Virgin Pulse promises to add an exciting new level of depth and energy to the TalentCulture conversation. We invite you to join us each day on our combined social channels, as we explore workplace issues that affect us all.

(Editor’s Note:  Save the date for a very special #TChat double-header (BlogTalk Radio interview and Twitter chat) with Virgin Pulse CEO, Chris Boyce on Wednesday, October 23!)

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TalentCulture + Achievers: Better Together!

Two Communities — One Purpose

Here at TalentCulture, we exist to elevate the human side of business — and we believe that community is the best way to reach that goal. In short, the more hearts and minds we involve in this conversation, the more likely we are to influence the future of work.

We’re passionate advocates who exchange ideas, knowledge and resources — all in the interest of cultivating more productive, rewarding workplace cultures.

And now, in the spirit of that philosophy, we’re thrilled to announce our first “world of work” partnership — with Achievers.

Get to Know Achievers

Achievers Blog Banner "Employee Success"

Visit Achievers Employee Success blog

Achievers creates Employee Success software that helps companies around the world recognize and reward positive workforce behaviors on a daily basis. This translates into higher employee engagement and better business results.

There is strong synergy between our organizations. Like Achievers, and #TChat forums are all about continuous learning and inclusive engagement that add value in today’s globally connected, social workplace. And that starts with all of our smart, loyal #TChat-ters!

Looking Ahead

What does this partnership mean to you? Look for TalentCulture and Achievers to:

  • Evangelize on behalf of each other’s engagement mission;
  • Share ongoing thought leadership and expertise with our respective communities.

This promises to add a whole new level of depth and vibrancy to the conversation, going forward. We hope you’ll join us each day, across our combined social channels, as we explore and discuss business and workplace topics that affect us all.

(Editor’s Note: Meet Achievers tonight (Wednesday, May 1) at the weekly #TChat Twitter forum, where Achievers Social Media Community Manager, Katie Paterson, moderates! Read details in tonight’s Preview: “Live from the edge of HR Innovation.”)

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