Photo: Edwin Andrade

How Does Data Accessibility Impact Your Culture?

What do we love about the TalentCulture community? It’s a community of participants who understand the power of information and feedback. With that in mind, instead of talking about great surveys and the data they reveal to better our workforces and workplaces, we’re conducting one. We want to know how human capital management (HCM) and payroll technology are helping you — and what effect they’re having on your employee experience and workforce culture. So we created a short survey, all of 10 minutes or less, to find out. And we want you to take it. 

In the spirit of transparency, a quality we all value, we’re sharing the results with those who leave their email at the end of the survey. We’re pretty sure you’re going to want to know what this survey reveals. The questions were designed to find out how we’re using HCM and payroll digital tools, and to what extent organizations are making it possible for employees to access and manage their own data. Employee self-service tools (ESS) are on the rise, but how are we offering them, and which ones are among the most popular? We’re also looking at just what we’re doing on paper and what we’re doing within HCM and payroll systems — from pay stubs to work schedules, from assessments to benefits and training. 

This isn’t just a “do you use this?” survey. We wanted to find out more than just the what. We wanted to find out the how and the why. Did your workplace culture change when you started offering increased accessibility to data? How has it changed, and hopefully improved, the employee experience? What do you wish you could offer, but can’t? And if you can’t, what’s holding you back? We’re looking forward to your answers — and the more people that answer, the bigger the picture we’ll get. No matter what our expectations are, the data is what matters. Your data.

Thank you ahead of time for participating.

The TalentCulture Team