The Importance of Leadership in the Workplace

Higher education, known as continued education in the US and further education (FE) in the UK, is greatly in need of leaders. College, like any businesses, needs driven individuals to help it succeed. Yet, many don’t really appreciate the importance … Read more

Using Your Super Powers For Good

Life doesn’t happen TO you.  Rather, it can happen BECAUSE of you.  You have far more power and influence than you can possibly imagine.  And once you decide, you can use your power to affect your own life as Read more

7 Weird Ways To Be More Productive At Work

Although most of us frequently complain about how busy we are, a study published in the journal of Psychological Science reveals that we secretly love all of our “busyness,” and are actually happiest when we’re hard at work.

So how … Read more

Wanted, Preferably Alive And Having Fun With Your Company Culture

“The grim fightin’ hero’s troubles
are always private –
He wants to know where ‘I fit in’
in herd wars –
Sometimes you see villains so ancient…

…you gotta go a long way in the West
to find a good Read more