Fellowes Sit-Stand Desk Review

Do you exercise every day?

Improving my personal wellness is at the top of my resolution list for 2018. So far, I’d give myself a B-. I try to make it to hot yoga classes at least a few times a week. I try to grab healthy options for lunch. But then it snows for the millionth time in Boston and all my plans for fitness and healthy eating go out the window.

Plus, like many of you, I work remotely either in a home office or in coworking space a lot of the time. When I have a question for a team member or client, I don’t walk down the hall to their office. I don’t propose walking meetings. I Basecamp, Skype or email them — which doesn’t exactly improve my fitness.

So I was excited to test a solution that would keep me more active at work. Fellowes reached out to me and offered to let me try out their Lotus DX Sit-Stand Workstation. If you’re looking for ways to maintain a healthier lifestyle and in the market for a sit-stand for yourself or your team, keep reading for my review.

Product Overview: Lotus DX Sit-Stand Workstation

Fellowes calls this desk a sit-stand workstation because you can easily adjust it during your workday to 22 different height settings. You can convert any existing desk into a standing desk with this product.

It comes with some bells and whistles, too:

  • You can charge any device with built-in wireless charging and two USB ports.
  • If you’re worried about the germ factor, Fellowes has you covered with Microban antimicrobials.
  • It’s easy to keep all your cords plugged in and wrangled.
    Smooth Lift technology makes it easy to change desk positions.
  • It arrives fully assembled.
  • The desk comes in black or white (I chose black).


It felt like Christmas morning when this box showed up. As soon as I set up the Fellowes workstation, I was excited to stand and move more during my work day. It’s very sleek, and I love the charging station to keep my iPhone humming all day.

It feels really sturdy, too. It’s easy to move up and down with the side handles. I was a little worried that it would be too tall for me (#shortpeopleproblems), but it adjusts perfectly.


The only difficult part of using this sit-stand was getting it into my office and out of the box! Like I said, I’m petite, so I needed help carrying the box into my office and pulling the pre-assembled desk out of the box. But once it’s set up, using it is a breeze.

Who It Would Be Great For

I love the idea of sit-stands for people who often work remotely from a home office, or for people who go into an office every day. It’s such a simple reminder to get out of the chair and move during the day. I can envision team competitions: Who can stand up longest today? If you’re competitive (I’m raising my hand here), you’d be all over this.

How to Buy

The Fellowes Lotus DX Sit-Stand Workstation retails for $599.99, and you can buy it on the Fellowes site.

And here’s the fun part: Fellowes is giving away a Lotus DX Sit-Stand Workstation to one lucky TalentCulture reader. To enter, comment on our Facebook post. (Don’t forget to “like” TalentCulture’s Facebook page to ensure you don’t miss the winner announcement!). The winner will be announced on April 19, 2018.

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