7 Must Have Employment Tools

Recruitment can be revolutionized with the cutting-edge tools and technologies the modern world presents before us. Keeping up with the technology isn’t easy but HR departments in various organizations around the world have grasped myriad recruiting channels, tools and technologies. It’s important to move along with the emerging technology to compete actively in the market. Though areas such as mobile and social recruiting are promoted constantly, their significance in HR recruitment and assessment remains second to none.

Almost everyone is on the web today but the real challenge is “what to do next”! There’s a whole lot of social recruiting tools with which finding the perfect talent isn’t difficult but how to communicate best, contact and engage in a time-effective way is the real headache! The tools and technologies described here would help human resource department to streamline their strategies and make effective use of emerging recruitment channels.

  1. Applicant tracking system (ATS)

Originated in the 1990s, application tracking systems were the first of online recruitment technology. These early age systems couldn’t track incoming applications however functionality has much improved as now you can even conduct research based on particular skillset. That’s not all; social media, job posting over multiple channels and creative resume’ building tools are some of the most promising features.

  1. Mobile recruiting

The start of mobile internet and recruiting was ineffective but the imminent growth of smartphones and web-enabled pocket devices turned the tide. Mobile recruiting pushed to the forefront becoming a key hiring channel more than the usual desktop system. More or less three million jobseekers worldwide prefer mobile devices as a means to look for employment opportunities and many even subscribe to online services offered by recruitment agencies.

  1. Gamification

Hard to believe but integrating game mechanics within non-game environments like recruiting seems to be motivating or result in behavioral change; this is gamification. Tech and recruitment analysts forecasted that it’s likely to become a highly significant trend in the near future as around 70 percent of the global organizations are all set to harness the tool and take recruitment to a new height.

  1. Collective tools

A few companies prefer to combine various tools and techniques thus producing something unique. The same can be said for regional services such as HR consultancy in UAE or anywhere across the globe as they exploit mobile, social media, gamification, video conferencing, internet sourcing and much more to pick up the most suitable talent. This is important especially when an organization hires a lot for newly established departments or maybe more competitive and literate personnel after major downsizing.

  1. Location technology

The ability to determine real-world geographic position of an individual right from their smartphone or computing device through user internet protocol is known as geolocation. It’s a budgeted solution to locate potential applicants on the move as they hunt for relevant job vacancies. In the year 2013, for example, when a retirement, mutual insurance and investment group became the first to exploit IP recognition over career portals. It can automatically update candidates with job vacancies, contact details and office location.

  1. Video interviewing

More than 50 percent of HR directors today prefer video conferencing as a means to conduct preliminary interviews. It helps save time before actually calling applicant for a panel meeting. Video conferencing can deliver subtle emotional clues and body language with which savvy recruiters identify if candidate is actually interested in the job. However, don’t ever consider it as a replacement to personal interview!

  1. The internet tracking

To deploy a range of advance search techniques while hunting for highly professional and hard-to-find talent is referred to as internet sourcing/internet tracking. Social and professional networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, XING, BeKnown and many more are excellent sourcing tools.


Do you’ve the seven recruiting tools outlined above? If not, implement at-least one today!

Photo Credit: Hylas via Compfight cc