Cutting Back for Business Growth

We know that in all of our endeavors, we are at the center of all relationships. Regardless of how we interact with the world – as an entrepreneur, parent, or corporate executive, we have the personal power to influence our outcomes. If we want more out of business, we need to get focused on becoming more.

For me, creating something new is healthy. Sometimes, in order to create something new we have to eliminate dying or undesirable attributes.

We are either in a state of decay or growth.

If we are not growing, we are dying. This creation process is challenging as our tired and exhausted approaches have become routine. We begin to picture the non-performing situations of the past and adjust our actions with fear of the future. This subconscious process of our brain limits our potential, thus keeping us right where we are. Looking outside ourselves, we can see others limit their potential in obvious ways while we stay stuck in this continuum of un-producing pain.

Pruning is essential for successful gardening. We identify the undesirable parts of the plant and remove the branches and roots. The idea of pruning is necessary for growth. Removing dead or diseased parts allows for the plant to receive the proper flowering and fruiting. In horticulture or plant terms, the injury of pruning causes growth to occur in the branches, flowers, and fruits.

Naturally, external conditions will prune for us if we don’t prune ourselves. The trouble is, sometimes there is collateral damage to other people, buildings, sidewalks, or structures. How many times have you seen high winds take down dead wood branches and fall onto cars or sidewalks?

Without taking care of the pruning process, a tree can injure people in the process. Older, dead, wood branches will not stand the test of high winds and neither will we when life comes at us full-force.

We need to understand our environment and adapt and change with the abandonment of certain habits and routines. And in some cases, people.

We need to be confident making personnel changes that allow the company to flourish and grow. As the advancement of the engaged employee continues to take shape, we can learn from some of the best teams in sports for creating a competitive culture, a culture of performance.

As with any successful company, healthy competition and the absence of complacency drives personal performance. After all, if we want our companies to perform at the highest level, we must first get our people to perform at their best. One thing about professional sports is the focus on the internal employee achieving their personal best. It’s a competitive environment and sports teams are not afraid to make tough decisions with personnel. And because of this, players are engaged and willing to spend hours upon hours making themselves better for the good of the team.

Now think about a team celebrating a season in the final championship game. This picture in your mind is how they are motivated and rewarded, It’s not the money, it’s the smell of the grass at the bottom of a dog pile in a World Series win after a long year of hard work and dedication.

With the disruption of technology in our workplace and personal lives, we need to eliminate the old ways, ideas and concepts about what it means to be successful. As we grow in creativity, we can take risks with new technologies and interact with people and customers in new ways.

It’s challenging to unplug from our addiction to the old ways that provide safety and comfort for our business. We need to get back to our roots and believe in ourselves, in the creation of our own freedom and performance.

With alignment of teams, we can contribute more for the business in uninhibited ways. With the understanding and knowledge that we are creating value through our own creativity, we will then have the courage and confidence to innovate and be the best we can be at work and within our personal network.

It all starts with our growth. If we are growing and strong, we will feel less pressured to succumb to the demands and needs of the dependent world.

Pruning by definition can help increase the yield in flowers and plants. If you or your company is the flower, think about what pruning is necessary for you or your company’s increase in growth.

I will leave you with this question, what pruning will you do today for your growth? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.


Photo Credit: myefunder via Compfight cc