Job Secret: Networking Cards to Bust Open New Opportunities

Are you considering a significant change of direction, career-wise?

Would you prefer NOT to be associated with your current employer or company when meeting new people?

Well then, you may want your business card to reflect this with a very small investment in a custom Networking Cards. (Don’t worry. This isn’t a sales pitch. Just some real good career advice! Read on…)

Today, you can create a customized Networking Card for your specific goal—whether you’re pursuing a career change, post-college job search or entrepreneurial dream.

Unlike your typical business card, which features your employer’s company brand, slogan and contact information, your Networking Card puts YOU front and center!

Your Networking Card lets you:

  • Make the appropriate impact on any important new acquaintance
  • Clearly state your personal “selling points” to entice your new contacts Share all your relevant contact details so that you can easily be reached
  • Connect on a professional level without having to carry/give a cumbersome resume.

In a way, your Networking Cards act like a tiny resume to remind your contact of who you are, what you have to offer and how they can get in touch with you.

In addition to the obvious elements like your name, email address and telephone numbers, your Networking Card should include professional qualifications (CFA, MSW, Esq.) if relevant to your goal.

And if you have a personal web site, online portfolio, or a LinkedIn URL, you may want to include it on your Networking Card. Also, don’t be shy about listing some of your key skills and accomplishments.

Call outs like, “Lean Six Sigma Black Belt”, “Award Winning Sales Closer”, and “Certified Administrative Professional ®” work well.

Taking your Networking Card a step farther, try developing a concise slogan or personal mission statement to express what it is that makes you stand out—have this statement up at the top, just beneath your name.

Here’s an example: Innovative marketing leader specializing in change management, staff development and strategic relationships.

Today, there are lots of low-cost options for designing and printing the perfect Networking Card. Want to project an image of creativity, innovation or professionalism? It’s all possible and as close as your keyboard. Many online vendors offer a variety color, font and graphic combinations–best of all they’re already in template form and super-easy for you to customize.

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