#WorkTrends Recap: Rethinking the Candidate Experience

In recent years, the recruitment process has become increasingly impersonal–for both candidates and recruiters–and it’s obvious both sides are less than satisfied with the experience. Several suggestions have been made to fix the issues but, more often than not, solutions overcomplicate the existing problems.

On this week’s #WorkTrends show, we talked with Rebecca Macek, Director of Recruitment at CareerBuilder, about simple and effective tactics any business can use to get back to the best recruiting basics. Here are a few key points Rebecca shared:

  • The worst thing a recruiter can do is forget that they are dealing with humans
  • Candidates need to watch their social posting – it can be the death of their career
  • Job seekers use up to sixteen different resources in their job hunt

Rebecca also shared several key stats from the CareerBuilder’s 2016 Candidate Behavior Study which is definitely worth the read, whether you’re recruiting and hiring talent, or managing and leading them once hired.

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Photo Credit: consultechit1 via Compfight cc