How To Become The Most Wanted New-Age Recruiter

  • Your intuitionis a matter of fact — a natural essence of ordinary life — and comes into play with everything you do.
  • Your mindsetis out of this world (okay maybe not in the extreme way) but you are an undeniable positive piece of work.
  • You are moldable— this doesn’t mean you don’t have strong, unwavering values but you have an open mindto consider other options/avenues.
  • You ask questions — not just ordinary questions — theright Questions that provide some valueinsight, and isn’t just taking up space.
  • You have a strong purposein life and you are crafting yourself around this vision.
  • You have strong goalsand desires outside of work that makes you who you are — you have something to share with the world.
  • You actively seekto be put in uncomfortablestressful (or disguised as stressful), or adverse situations to test your own abilities.
  • You are self-awareconfident, and knowyour own self-worth.
  • You approach difficult situationswith enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile to meet expectations more efficiently each time.
  • You make a point to serveyour team and make their own lives easier with your added touch. (EX: You make processes/email structures more efficient to communicate in a faster, more visual matter)
  • You are actively reading/skimmingthe newest articles and books on yourcraft (or the industries you are recruiting for)
  • You have a keen eyefor the design/copy/words that bring in the best (or have in the past)
  • You have a social media background.
  • You have a guerrilla marketingbackground or direct sales (very similar to headhunting).
  • You have experiencein an MLM type of company and have endured — keyword — success (strong numbers for more than 3 months).
  • You have theability to become friends with basically anyone you meet.
  • You have a voicethat soothes the listenerportrays confidence and demands respect while seemingly creating an open, casual atmosphere for the candidate.
  • You must have the ability to separate your emotionsfrom a candidate when it is time to reject
  • You must be able to create a brand experiencethat provides positive experiences in the face of negative outcomes. (EX: Being firm but friendlywhen rejecting the candidate while also maintaining a positive interaction.)

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