4 Tools To Help You Attract Talent to Your Company

While the job search has almost gone global thanks to the Internet, it’s getting harder and harder to find qualified enthusiastic employees. Manpower’s 2016 Talent Shortage Survey found that 40 percent of global employers are not able to find the right talent for jobs that need to be done.

What’s the answer? Making sure that the right talent is naturally flowing into your company is the first step to take. Here are four tools to help you do that:

  1. Serpstat: Boost your Google rankings for relevant terms

According to Unbridled Talent, 30 percent of all Google searches, about 300 million per month, are employment related. Google is the most popular job search tool among job seekers. If your company “Hiring” page ranks high for related job seeking terms, you are guaranteed to constantly receive resumes from interested candidates.

Serpstat is a keyword research and competitor intelligence tool that helps you discover relevant keywords and identify those you may be able to rank high for. Look for lower competition numbers: These are the keywords you stand a chance to rank on page of Google search results.


  1. Twchat: Launch a branded hashtag

Launching a branded hashtag is an effective way to turn social media noise into a meaningful brand asset. A hashtag will let you stream your company updates allowing future job candidates to monitor your job openings and career opportunities.

Twchat is a great way to claim and brand your company hashtag. You can set up a regular Twitter chat to discuss your company culture and vision  (like Zappos did back in 2008) or you can set up a stream to archive tweets mentioning your hashtag.


A few tips for you to come up with a great hashtag:

  • Keep it short: Tweets are only 140 characters long, you want people to to be able to say a lot when they use your hashtag
  • If you are into local business, try and incorporate your location name into the hashtag. Check other local businesses to avoid any terms that may confuse your business with another local one. Use sites like Yelp and DirJournal for that
  • Always Google your hashtag and check Urban Dictionary to make sure your term is not branded by someone else or that there’s some wicked slang connotation
  1. Drumup: Get your current employees on board

Most of your employees are already on social media, most of them are discussing their workplace with their friends. It is a wise idea to turn this activity into something useful and beneficial for your brand.

Employee advocacy is a sadly often ignored marketing and talent recruiting channel that opens up lots of opportunities. According to Inc., using employee advocacy results in five times more traffic and 25 percent more leads. On the hiring perspective, employee referrals have the highest applicant to hire conversion rate – only 7 percent of applicants are via employees but this accounts for 40 percent of all new hire hires (Source: Jobvite)

Drumup employee advocacy program offers tools for your team members to share and re-share brand updates. Use Drumup Leaderboard feature to setup monthly contests awarding most active or creative employees sharing updates about the company.

Don’t forget to encourage your employees to use your brand hashtag whenever they share their workplace experience.

  1. Cyfe: Monitor your progress

Finally, making it a process means creating a system around it. Cyfe is a multi-purpose business dashboard allowing you to monitor lots of things and metrics within one page. You can use Twitter search widget to monitor your branded hashtag. You can import spreadsheets to keep keyword ideas handy. You can use a custom widget to import anything else though native APIs.


Turning your company into the talent magnet takes time and effort and having the right tools handy is the key. Are there any tools we are missing? Let us know!

Photo Credit: thebiblioholic Flickr via Compfight cc