SocialHRCamp: Warming Up & Packing Light

I’ll Bring the Marshmallows!

Seriously, there’s a not-to-be-missed professional event happening right here in my hometown next week. It’s the Boston leg in a series of “un-conferences” for HR professionals. That means it’s not your typical, static “lecture” conference. Instead, it’s a dynamic, flexible, collaborative knowledge-sharing environment. And it’s designed specifically for HR professionals who want to leverage social media in their workplace environments and in their careers. Pretty cool stuff.

So, what’s the “camp” connection? That concept seems odd – especially during a cold New England winter. But stay with me on this one – it’s the SocialHRCamp! And it’s coming next Wednesday, Dec 5th, to the Cambridge, MA campus of my awesome former client, Google. I’m looking forward to huddling with some of the best and brightest talent strategy and career-oriented minds, as we explore how to integrate social media with in-real-life interactions to create business value. Sounds like a magic bullet, doesn’t it? It is! We invite all kinds of smart, innovative people to join us – college students, HR practitioners and leaders alike.

Let’s Gather Around the Campfire

I’ll be there talking about recruiting, of course – Recruiting 3.0 – along with my long-time friend Jeff Moore, Director of Global Talent at TripAdvisor. We are co-presenting the discussion “Recruiting 3.0: From Online to IRL-Qualifying, Deepening Social Relationships.” We look forward sharing a lot of laughs with you along the way. After all, when Jeff and I get together, it’s how we roll.

But between the stories and chuckles, we want to delve into a discussion about how to choose and apply the right HR technology, how to be better recruiting leaders, and how to grow stronger relationships in these social-media-driven times. Social channels have become an essential part of the recruiter’s bag of tricks, but it’s critical to remember it’s just one kind of tool. The key to success is in understanding where, when and how to use social media to establish, build and strengthen relationships and improve your career.

Not Your Father’s Day Camp

Because SocialHRCamp is an “un-conference,” attendees can customize this event experience to suit their particular interests and needs. So we’ll balance face-to-face chats and presentations with quick breaks to Tweet and post on LinkedIn and Facebook – an in-the-moment live stream of interaction and learning that spreads far beyond the event venue, in real time. It’s an opportunity to put social tools into practice.

This “un-conference” structure promises that SocialHRCamp attendees will walk away with a richer, more enduring connection with the people and practices they encounter at the sessions. I couldn’t agree more. Leaders and practitioners thrive when we’re active and hands-on in social media engagement and strategies. Regardless of your industry, role, or belief system, it’s critical to weave social media connections into the daily workflow. It’s no longer an option – it’s a core competency for brand representatives who must build greater trust with employees, customers and prospects.

That’s the beauty of an “un-conference.” It’s a safe, supportive environment that helps us all find better ways to share and apply leading-edge social HR skills, tools and techniques.

So let’s pitch the SocialHRCamp flag together! Join Jeff Waldman SocialHR Camp founder, Salima Nathoo of GLOW Consulting, your HR and recruiting colleagues, and me, as we connect, listen, learn and interact. Sign up below and make sure to say hi to me when you get to the conference – we’ll all be multitasking, talking and expanding our horizons. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

See you there IRL! Smiles.

Get a Special Friend Discount!

It’s on me! Please use the code “MeghanMBiro” when you register. Hope to see you there. Around this campfire, the more the merrier!