TC Digest: Culture Beats Strategy, User Adoption and Transform HR

If you haven’t noticed, has been going through a lot of changes. We’re introducing a new editorial calendar, we’re hard at work on a media kit and the core team is working on a redesign! Why not introduce a new column at the same time?

While it’s not consistent yet, we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on our TC Digest and want to keep bringing them to you as often as we can. If you simply can’t wait for the next installment, I highly recommend following @talentculture on Twitter or our Facebook page! (email is coming patient Jedi). We also are putting together new writing and contributing guidelines, so if you’ve always wanted to be a TalentCulture writer, here’s your chance!

So without further ado (or excuses) here’s all the news about the world of work:

Did you miss #Tchat last week? We had a fantastic time on Focus Radio, talking about HR Tech Innovation in 2012. Our guests kept up On-Air with what must have been a record-breaking twitter stream. Here’s the recap.

If you’ve ever wondered what #Tchat was, or how to participate, we’ve got you covered. One of our most loyal and fascinating participants Dave Ryan gave us the lowdown on how to do Twitter Chats, and why they help you move forward in your professional life. Follow Dave here.

Dirty Jobs. Someone has to do them but why are Americans less and less inclined to? We explored some of the answers in this week’s #Tchat and it was a remarkably eye-opening discussion. The recap’s live already and it’s a doozy! Check it out for great resources, some immigration info and a fantastic video from “more than just a pretty face” Mike Rowe appealing to Congress.

Less Pay for More Freedom? Harvard Business Review takes a look at just how many folks would trade in that big paycheck for a say-so in how they work, where they work and some access to social. Titled “The Days of ‘Managers Know Best’ Are Ending” the article hones in on what’s important to workers NOW.

RecruiterPoet chimes in with “Keys to Workplace Happiness“, an easy quiz that helps folks figure out how they’re feeling about their current position and what to do about it!

Whether you’re an HR Professional trying to get your team to work with a new product or a vendor hoping you can get mainstream attention within your target market, User Adoption should be something you’re paying attention to! Don’t know where to start? How about this webinar by William Tincup and Julie Lecomte? It’s free and it’s what these smart people do every day.

We didn’t name this blog TalentCulture for nothing. In this Fast Company article..culture eats strategy for lunch. Profiling constantly gabbed about companies like Zappos, Southwest and more, it offers tips on how to make your workplace a little better and then a little better than that!

Finally, we have Blogging4Jobs’ take on the changing market. It’s happening right under our noses. Is your recruiting team ready?

TOMORROW is when we’ll be announcing the winner of our Transform HR Contest! Haven’t heard about Transform, the new conference by TLNT? Check out this post by editor John Hollon and then enter the contest. Don’t you want to say “I was there when…”? Enter to win a free ticket! See below for details.

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