#WorkTrends: How Video Can Make Hiring More Human

Video may have killed the radio star, but it’s doing the exact opposite for the recruitment process — it’s making it stronger and more dynamic.

We’re seeing the rise of video in all aspects of recruiting, from branding and marketing to the interview process itself. There’s a lot to sort through, and it can be enormously intimidating. So to help guide us through the wide world of video, we turned to Elena Valentine, filmmaker and CEO of Skill Scout. She breaks down the ways HR can embrace the video revolution.

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You Don’t Need a Hollywood Budget to Get into Video

Companies that want to use video don’t need to set aside gobs of money to start a production studio, Valentine says. In fact, you’ve already got what you need to get started: a smartphone. “Anyone has the capacity to film,” she says. “It doesn’t need to be a full-scale, highly produced production team.”

You can begin leveraging multimedia in your job postings almost immediately. Valentine suggests supplementing your job postings with short videos. To decide what to post, consider what questions you’re always being asked about positions. “What are the three to five things that we’re constantly repeating when it comes to this role?” Valentine says. Figure those out, and use the power of video to tell those stories.

Strive for Authenticity with Your Video

As you expand more into video, you may find yourself feeling a bit more creative. You might want to increase your production values or come up with a more stylized, polished look.

These are positive things, Valentine says, but remember that too much glossiness may make your videos seem inauthentic. “There’s a level of finesse where people see [glossiness] as not being trustworthy,” she says.

First and foremost, make sure that you’re telling an authentic story. Does it feel like it’s coming from an employee? Perhaps you’re not even telling a story that is 100% positive; maybe it’s the story of a mistake your company has made. That’s OK, Valentine says. As long as your story is authentic, it will get the job done — and reach the people you want to hire.

The Future of HR

For someone dealing with a variety of new technologies in the world of HR, Valentine sees the future of HR as decidedly human-centered. She says the impetus to transition back to a more people-focused function is partially due to the rise of technology in HR. These technologies are giving HR the time to focus on what’s most important — to be “that source of growth for people in their organizations.”

So as you focus on buying new tech, keep in mind how much this new tech will let you automate tedious processes. Only then, Valentine says, will HR have “more one-on-one, human-to-human connections with the employees in our workplace.”

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