#TChat Recap: How Wellness Programs Improve Employee Performance

Making time to stay in shape isn’t easy. Frenetic schedules and long work hours take a big bite out of exercise. However, wellness programs and physical activity can boost employees’ health and it’s good for business, as well. In fact, research shows that workers who exercise during the day reported a 15 percent boost in performance, a happier mood and increased ability to meet deadlines.

This week, the TalentCulture community discussed some of the many ways you can help employees find time for wellness programs, supporting their overall well-being. Our special guest was Ann Wyatt, vice president of account management at HealthFitness, a health management leader that creates effective health management and corporate fitness programs.

Whether you have an on-site corporate fitness center or not, there are simple ways to help employees find time for health and wellness. Listen to the recording and review the #TChat highlights to learn more.

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