10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Veteran

When companies look for new workers, they want people who are dedicated, committed, trustworthy and loyal. Job skills can always be learnt, but the basic qualities of a good worker remain the same, especially for long-term employees. This is one of the main reasons that many establishments include a ‘hire a veteran program’ in their hiring process.
Let’s look at some of the qualities that make military veterans such desirable employees for just about any civilian business:

  1. Why Hire Military Veterans? They Will Get the Job Done! – Veterans are experienced at looking at the big picture and completing the ‘mission’, and once they are given a task, they do everything in their power to do it well. People with a military background will be unlikely to complain about working hard for long hours or missing their breaks when there is something that urgently needs to be completed. They’re adept at tackling problems and handling challenges without losing sight of their goal.
  2. Ingrained Teamwork Skills – Military veterans are familiar with the crucial importance of cooperation – working together as a team, and interacting with other teams, since the smallest slip made by an individual could lead to failure or even death. The ability to work as part of a single cohesive unit is one that is greatly in demand with companies in any industry, which makes a veteran the perfect team member.
  3. Pre-Existing Leadership Skills and Training – Veterans have excellent leadership skills, since many are placed in leadership positions at a young age, and more responsibilities are placed on them as they advance through the ranks. By the time they move into civilian life, they’ve already imbibed a number of essential leadership qualities like direction, inspiration, intuitiveness, delegation, motivation and behavior management.
  4. Integrity and Responsibility are Part of their Culture – Veterans come from a culture built that outfits them with a deep sense of responsibility and integrity. They learn at a young age that their actions have serious consequences, so they are more likely to understand the implications of their decisions. They’re also honest, so they will not be shy about sharing their thoughts when they think some changes might need to be made.
  5. They Can Handle Hard Work and Pressure – People who have been in the military are the least likely to buckle under the pressure of multiple tasks or hard work, which an ordinary worker might balk at. They are used to working in tough conditions, with tight schedules, long hours and often, limited resources. Tasks that may seem stressful to others will be treated with the same commitment as any other by a veteran.
  6. They Respect Authority and Structure – Employees with a military background can be counted on to show up to work on time and remain highly disciplined in every area of work. They have an ingrained respect for hierarchy and understand the importance of accountability at the workplace, so they will strive to deliver high-quality work that is in line with established procedures and policies within the business.
  7. Veterans Learn New Skills Quickly – In the armed forces, trainability is an essential quality that every recruit soon picks up. As civilian employees, veterans display an accelerated learning curve that allows them to grasp new concepts and skills quickly. They’ve already had experience at learning new techniques, being trained in the use of different kinds of equipment and more, and retain these skills when they join the civilian workforce.
  8. They Have a Global and Tech-Savvy Outlook – An ability to adapt to new technology is an essential quality in potential employees. In today’s fast-changing world, veterans gain the upper hand in technical trends for business and industry, since they are constantly exposed to them while serving in the military. Their time in service also gives them a unique perspective on the world, often with international exposure and increased global awareness.
  9. Employment Agencies for Veterans Ease the Transition – There are a number of agencies and firms that offer support to veterans looking for civilian employment. These are not only involved in putting veterans in touch with potential employers, but help ease the transition phase between military duty and civilian life and help them fit in better.
  10. Veteran Staffing Brings in Government Benefits Too – Veterans are often highly skilled and educated, since the government offers financial assistance for their higher education, besides training them during active duty. In addition, there is a host of benefits provided to companies who include a veteran staffing program in their hiring processes, so it’s win-win all the way.

Veterans returning to civilian life are some of the most highly skilled, adaptable and resourceful individuals that a company could hire, with a range of qualities that are in great demand in the employment sector. If you’re wondering how to hire a veteran, it’s easy. Just look up veterans employment agencies in your area and get the process started as soon as you can!

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