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Tag: workgroups

The Creative Power of Diverse Ideas: #TChat Recap

Innovation isn’t magic. It’s the result of a culture designed to encourage fearless pursuit of fresh ideas – and the willingness to embrace failure as part of the process. It comes from conscious effort to gather input from a diverse and dedicated workforce…

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Do Generations Matter At Work?: #TChat Preview

None of us is getting any younger. But what does that mean for our performance in the workplace – particularly our ability to reach across generations and work together toward common business goals? That’s the subject of this week’s #TChat…

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Managing Virtual Teams: #TChat Recap

Let’s face it. Workgroups aren’t what they used to be. Odds are that half the members of any team aren’t employees – and many don’t have offices in the same city – let alone the same building. In an increasingly remote, fluid workforce, how can we ensure cohesive workflow and stellar results?

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