Taking a Look at The Workplace of 2017 and Beyond

The beginning of a new year brings with it a flurry of optimism: Will this be the year our business gets its big break? Is this the year we find love, or finally achieve that long-term goal? As 2016 has … Read more

STEM, Advanced Industries, and The Future of Employment. – Part 1

The marketing SVP I was sitting next to leaned close and whispered “what’s stem?”

He seemed a little hesitant to admit that he didn’t know what the term meant to the rest of the table, but as everyone was … Read more

Encourage The Impossible

For me doing practically anything an Olympic athlete does is impossible.

For me, building the financial models that power big companies is impossible.

For me, playing in the NFL is impossible. (Don’t believe me, download a few photos)

It’s … Read more