3 Powerful Ways to Promote Workplace Optimism

You and your team deserve to enjoy work. The workplace should be a positive influence on people and their lives. Yet for too many it’s just not the case. In one study, 48% of employees frequently feel a lot of Read more

#WorkTrends Recap: Overcoming the Symptoms of Destructive Management

During today’s first #WorkTrends show, we discussed how to overcome the symptoms of destructive management. #WorkTrends Founder and Host Meghan M. Biro was joined by Shawn Murphy, a well-respected author, keynote speaker, and CEO/Founder of the consultancy Switch & Read more

Overcoming the Symptoms of Destructive Management

A problem has been percolating in organizations for some time. Its adverse affects have become common place and too little is being done about it: The problem is destructive management.

A Workplace Gasping for Air

Today’s workplace is hardly … Read more

Why Aspirational HR Drives Business

Experience outcomes.

We laughed as we said it, sitting together in the mothership executive conference room at Peoplefluent planning our global domination strategy.

We’d been meeting all week, meeting after meeting, a gaggle of senior leadership and marketing team leads, … Read more