Company Culture: For Those About To Rock

Most companies ignore organizational culture. It’s not important to them. Business leaders have been conditioned to focus exclusively on strategy and operations, all the while hoping that a strong culture will eventually be developed once they attain success. This … Read more

Values-Based Leadership And The Future World Of Work

The world has experienced many significant events in the last 200 
years and noticeably so in the last 25. From the fall of the Berlin wall and the advent of the Internet to 9/11 and the great recession, much has … Read more

How To Create A Competitive Claim That Is More Than Hot Air

Most companies struggle with defining what makes them unique; different from their competitors. They can’t answer the question “Why should I do business with you and NOT your competition?” in a succinct meaningful way.

There are two traps they fall

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Be Different Or Be Dead

BE DiFFERENT or be dead: the stand-out leaders’ mantra

NEVER has it been more important to carve out a distinctive and unique place for your organization in the market than it is today. The economy is unpredictable. Competition is intense … Read more