Webinar with Achievers

Winning at R&R and D&I: How to Combine Recognition and Diversity & Inclusion for the Best Results

What are the most important factors in a winning workplace today? Diversity, inclusion and recognition. A major new study on the relationship between recognition and D&I found that integrating them creates workplace magic: better financial performance, higher employee engagement, and reciprocal success in both recognition and D&I programs.

Join Meghan M. Biro for a can’t-miss look at how to optimize your recognition and D&I programs by combining them, and turbocharge engagement, performance, and business success. She’ll cover the best practices for leveraging this groundbreaking approach — and investigate why companies with optimized diversity, inclusion, and recognition are outpacing their competitors in innovation, talent attraction and retention, and brand reputation. This is a key opportunity for any company that wants a competitive edge.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The latest insights on recognition and D&I.
  • How integrating recognition and D&I programs serves as a catalyst for success.
  • How to leverage the best R&R tools to bolster your D&I efforts.
  • The workforce’s view of D&I — and why recognition is so key.

How Recognition and Rewards Transform the Remote Workplace

The quick pivot to remote working left many organizations unprepared. Faced with the task of managing a newly scattered workforce, companies may have backpedaled on valuable new talent management strategies in favor of simple triage. But for employees, the shift threw routines into chaos, blurred the lines between work and life, and brought not only frustration but a sense of detachment. What’s missing for many are recognition and rewards.

Providing frequent moments of recognition by leaders, managers, team leaders and peers is a powerful way to rebuild the workplace connections lost in the shuffle. The right rewards can bring cheer and solve the practical problems of life today as well. Join Meghan M. Biro for this fast-paced discussion on the best ways to craft a recognition and rewards program that unites and engages a remote workforce. Meghan will uncover the new dynamic of remote working, and make clear how a recognition and rewards program meets the primary need for more contact, more communication, more connection, and more alignment — all at once. 

You will learn:

  • How to craft a rewards and recognition program that responds to the needs of the remote workforce.
  • How to best leverage the “glued to our phones” nature of working remotely now.
  • Why remote employees need increased frequency when it comes to recognition.
  • The power of newsfeeds and social sharing in driving a cycle of recognition.
  • How to turn moments of rewards and recognition into a fluid cycle that involves everyone.
  • How to measure the effectiveness of remote rewards and recognition and leverage data to improve.
  • How to make sure your recognition program addresses the four key factors of effectiveness.