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Travel and Employee Spend Management: How to Support the Future of Work

The world of work is hitting a restart. It’s a whole new normal for employers and employees. We’re managing a workforce that has new expectations for modernized technology and an increasing need for accessibility, flexibility, and options that fit their individual needs. The pandemic upended the norms around working, blurring the lines between life and work in tangible ways — and forcing employees to integrate their own lives and work in ways that go far beyond the concept of “balance.”

When it comes to travel and employee spend management, these challenges are compounded by additional new realities. Employers need a way to better manage and control increasingly complicated business travel and expenses, and meet employee needs and expectations for flexibility and access. Travel and spend are a pivotal part of the employee experience, but just how connected they are to employee experience may have been underlooked.

TalentCulture shares how to leverage spend management technology to navigate change and turn it into a competitive advantage that supports business needs but puts people first — and meets the future head-on.


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5 Performance Management Trends to Watch in 2018

2018 is going to be a huge year in performance management. The newest innovations empower leaders with the best tools yet to transform their workforces. From monitoring to motivating, from overseeing to optimizing, it’s all about maximizing engagement and shaping an amazing workforce culture. For CHROs and high-level management, this is a must.

Join Meghan M. Biro for a close look at the hottest trends in performance management right now — and why you need to pay attention. These are tools with a profound impact on all levels, and will enable any organization to best motivate its best asset: its people.
Learn the best ways to drive change in your organization, leveraging the best performance management strategies today.

In this interactive, fast-paced webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How to help great employees find their next roles in your organization.
  • How to build a culture of feedback that empowers performance.
  • The what, why and when of management’s best ally: Check-ins.
  • How to elevate performance reviews from pain points to opportunities.
  • How to enable your employees to take ownership of their own success.
5 Performance Management Trends to Watch in 2018