Unlock Employee Engagement with 5 Powerful Ways to Learn

Learning plays a critical role in employee engagement, and without question, today’s employees want more opportunities to learn. Furthermore, 61% of HR pros in a recent TalentCulture survey said they would use technology to provide more employee learning opportunities if they had the time. Yet less than 60% are presently using tech to train employees.

While the need to boost learning programs is clear, too many organizations are falling short. Join Meghan M. Biro for a dynamic conversation on how to best leverage technology and digital programs to increase learning in your organization and boost engagement among your employees. Meghan will uncover five powerful learning strategies you’ll want to make sure your organization follows — to have a direct result on not only engagement — but the overall business success that comes with it.

In this fast-paced webinar you will learn how to:

  • bolster business continuity with learning
  • harness learning for remote and blended teams
  • increase resilience and connection through peer to peer learning
  • tap into the power of microlearning and constant access
  • implement learning as the key differentiator for engagement and retention in 2021